Weather Weaponization R&D -Elgin AFB, Melbourne NEXRAD, Florida, Moody AFB -Operations:

Having documented the 5th August 2014 KEVX, Elgin AFB, Florida NEXRAD RF/Pulse Operation, here is KMLB NEXRAD Melbourne Florida, and Moody AFB, Georgia acting in parallel crossing pulses. This goes to the formation of Scalar Wave Bottle negation of Matter. That, is a paradox posited by Nikola Tesla, in short the intersection of laser beacons creating a void, and yet there can be no void. This is an abbreviated statement regarding Tesla’s mystic vision of Free or Zero Point powers release from that which is, yet goes unseen, unheard, unknown, to our human senses.

This is a short run of the last two days southeastern NEXRAD activity. It should suffice the need to present the over 75 images that document the Weather Modification, Psychotronics, and the continued R&D movement toward Laser Weaponization.

Here are images from KEVX, Elgin AFB in the Florida panhandle. This is a range of data imagery including readings from the precipitation venue. This registered as weather activity!

6th August 2014 KMLB NEXRAD, Melbourne, Florida begins its EMF Operations.

Here, time stamped, is Moody AFB Pulsing crossing beacons as Wave-Form Fields to the southeast at Melbourne NEXRAD in the likelihood that a Scalar Event will be created!

This is the same type of R&D that was used to create Arthur. Hopefully, by exposing this there will be no Extreme Weather results. Counter measures are a potential.

otterwalks: 6th August 2014


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