Nationally Synchronized NEXRAD RF/Pulse Operation 22nd into 23rd July 2014:

Update This and Other Articles Have Had Their Imagery Scrubbed ! Waking persons are listening, watching, and seeing through new scrutinizing eyes. Having Awakened from the onslaught of the embedded Technocracy’s induced trace state. Synchronicity, the future being malleable, opens doors of perception on a newly aware, timely, linear and absorbable format. This is the future, our now is creating. We are making this Verse Be… For the Critical Thinker, watching the flow of the Quickening, this is Breaking News of Events that are going unseen, unfelt, unheard; for the most part, Silent! Yet, because we cannot see all of the light frequencies, as an example, it does not mean that they do not exist! This is proof of intent with evidentiary foundation, set in time. This is the issue come fully Operational in the Eugenics, Techno-Fascist Usurpation that is part of todays Asymmetric Warfare! A Synchronized National RF/Pulse Operation, once a posit, came to pass in The Republic’s time zones on the 22nd and early 23rd July 2014. A swarm of Radio Frequency Bursts crossed the Country; largely time stamped 02:21-2:23 UTC, 23rd July 2014. With a four hour differential, that is 10:21 PM 22nd July Eastern time, 8:21 PM Pacific on the 22nd. The first hint of this operation came when a site map was online for a short period on 22nd June 2014 with this National Radar imagery.

There was a hint at a nationally synchronized timing of RF/P when, at 1:01 UTC several dozen NEXRAD stations, of the officially listed 201 locales operated parallel signatures at a designated timeline. They where not the propagandized weather or aircraft Radar formats. They are in the 2 Giga Watt range, lower than the HAARP standard, 3.1 to 3.6 Billion Watt range, they where also far more than the standard 175,000 Watts, that a single Laser beacon is created with. These are fully radiant, 360 degree pulses that can last for varied lengths of time. The imagery to be presented is within the time frame of the loop imagery. 

This is KEWX, San Antonio, Texas

KEPZ -El Paso, Texas

KUDX -Rapid City, South Dakota

KGRR -Grand Rapids, Michigan

That is only the start of the imagery from the central time stamp of 2:21 -2:23 UTC. Some sites present every five minutes while others, in their disclaimers, note that different formats of returns are timed at intervals of 3, 5, 6, and 10 minutes. Thus if a single image is shown on a loop, it could have begun at the moment after the end of the image time stamp. It could continued until prior to the next image in which the Event is non-existent; it has pasted. This can the be extrapolated to show that an RF/Pulse Event or EMF, can, by dropping a single image on a 10 minute loop, actually have been in operation for 9 minutes prior to, 9 minutes after, and the 10 minute time frame of the scrubbed image. In some cases there are two back to back images, extending the potential duration of the event. That makes in feasible for an Event Cover-Up of 28 minutes. Conversely, if two images are dropped back to back, the second can add another 20 minutes to the censorship. That is over three quarters of an hour that can be negated and go unnoticed in the middle of a long streaming Radar loop.
Here is KGWX -Columbus AFB, Georgia

KCBX -Boise, Idaho

KAMA -Amarillo, Texas

KLSX -Saint Louis, Missouri/

KOTX -Spokane, Washington

KBBX -Beale AFB, California

KFDX -Cannon AFB, New Mexico

Apologies, The system says I have reached my upload limit. UPDATES will be added when the time allows. Given that on average there are ten percent of the NEXRAD installations that are offline, that leaves 181 stations. Of those locales there are archives conservatively from one third or sixty stations. They all have the Synthetic Plasmic, Electromagnetic Pulse time stamped near the same minute or close enough that their Event Horizon overlapped! There was a third seemingly smaller replay at around 5:00 UTC. These and more imagery are yet to be updated from this event as noted previously.  Then there is an action, which came to pass last night, where four hours of returns are disappeared across the board on all Radar feeds. When a timing archive, well beyond the varied time stamps that show when Weather Modification is deployed, begins to repeatedly show a Synthetic Electromagnetic Burst at the same time, the odds of coincidence are negated! This is a Silent War. This is Psychotronics. It is Weather Modification being used as R&D for Weather Weaponry! There are more formats embedded in this Breaking Event. Over time, hopefully, they will be addressed.
otterwalks: By My First Amendment Right this is brought to you for your reflection and the data that is carried within. 24th July 2014


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