Minot AFB, North Dakota NEXRAD RF/Pulse Event -Weird! -? :

Up near the Canadian border resides NEXRAD station KMBX -Minot AFB in North Dakota. At 8:23 PM Eastern time, 24th July 2014 an RF/Pulse occurred. Later a positive Radio Frequency, VHF, which is in the legend as a yellow color with progressive acclivitous ranges higher in the violet purple spectrum. The RF/P goes to a different chart when an Electromagnetic Burst occurs. Some Micro-wave and other Radar, that is illustrated, may be of a natural origin. An X class Solar flare was recorded earlier this year on a three day, 72 image loop feed. While some would have it that these NEXRAD returns are all of a natural genesis, there are too many expressing in extraordinary fashion. If questions arise no credence is given to address the actuality of this silent, asymmetric warfare. This is labeled or tagged as future weaponry. It is here and it is operational now!

First, the 25th at 00:23 UTC, 8:23 PM Eastern, 24th July 2014 image.

Here is the anomaly which began at approximately 9 o’clock Eastern. The first single color image is the last of the images after the short loop.

This is the second event imaged by different venues.

Here is a portion of the near three hour wild radiant Radar event. This being broadcast in a splayed fan, its passage nothing more than a degenerative Wave-Form or directional Electromagnetic Field. That Fields form is excitative energy passing around and through all matter that is in its crosshairs.

This is another visual aid which can be applied to the radiant beacons, each independent, all interrelated in the events totality.

Wild, bazaar Radar Emissions with an over the top RF/Pulse induced in the Operation. That is not to say that there could be a situation where this Technology could be used to benefit humanity. The issue resides in the factual history of the Weather Modification Agenda and its R&D movement toward Weather Weaponization. This was formatted from purposefully designed and interfaced technology. That equipment, its energy consumption, and its intent of usage, belong to We The People! It has zero oversight with regard to its operational transparency. This is the slow creation of brain fog for the future’s pacified populace. The Silent Majority 2.0, absent of all awareness of the natural processes of a life well lived. It is far from the only silent, secret methodology being deployed. It is among the pinnacle Eugenics fomentations we face.

This is the Techno-Fascist usurpation of the Republic!

otterwalks: 25th July 2014


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