KLZK -Little Rock, Arkansas NEXRAD RF/Pulse with Later Echo Tops Registry -17th July 2014:

Here you have a Product Menu enabling imagery for cross reference and specific usage. The College of DuPage NEXLAB has the Echo Tops return format. The data regarding the illustrations says that the conceptualization is one that goes to 69,000 ft. When you look at the Echo Tops the black center is the ground based installation from that birds eye view. The legend shows the frequencies color coded for processing the data of the time stamp.

First is a RF/P from KLZX with the same time stamp following in the Radar Echo Tops format.

Next is an RF/Pulse that registered in the Echo Tops followed by a short gif loop showing the Synthetic Plasmic Pulse within the loop. Returning to the prefaced wording encompassed by labeling Synthetic Plasmic Wave-Forms is herein done purposfully. NASA has successfully created Artificial Plasma, kept it intact, and even moved the sphere within our Biosphere. This is inside the Earths protective barrier which prevents Solar Plasma from the creation of a scorched Earth! Sorry, I do not remember being asked to vote for approval of such a corruptive electromagnetic field to be taken from theory, to developement, and on to all that was needed for its presentment! The Earth has a very delicate balance that exists to prevent this from occurance within our environment. Quoting Paul Bernhardt, Ph.D., NRL Space Use and Plasma Section:  This higher density plasma -ball was sustained over one hour by the HAARP transmissions and was extinguished only after termination of the HAARP radio beam.

Chemtrailsplanet.net -Covers as many others, the Artificial Plasma NASA has created -Link:


U.S. Naval Research Laboratory research physicists and engineers from the Plasma Physics Division, working at the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) transmitter facility, Gakona, Alaska, successfully produced a sustained high density plasma cloud in Earth’s upper atmosphere.


Here is the Echo Tops single frame RF/P and the loop it presented in.

This is one of many computer generated models attempting to show a 3d sequence of the impact of HAARP Eletromagnetics. It does not attempt to show the ground penatrating resonance as there are many geologic features that hinder or amplify the pulse as it passes through subterrainian formations with the inherent variabilities. Note: the system will not support the full loop that should go here, Two short loops are formatted and hopefully viewing them one after the other will give some visualization regarding the Echo Tops as relates to the blanket umbrella labeled HAARP and RADAR.

For your consideration and further research.


otterwalks: 25th July 2014


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