HAARP Twin Lakes/Oklahoma City, OK -Part Two:

This is how Oklahoma City, OK presented as the night wore on. Generically, Radar works with reduced negative field frequency at night when earth has turned its back on the sun. That statement is very much compressed data and a large topic for lengthly research. Leaving that behind, the last article was composed during the changes that are herein presented. These are feeds which show the growing intensity of the HAARP ring event which did register center out of  NEXRAD station KTLX, Twin Lakes/Oklahoma City, OK. They are from the Northern Illinois University, NIU, Radar imagery feeds. The first two are the NIUUS loops, next are two for a closer regional view from the NIUSP -Southern Plains loops. The last two are close to home having cities for reference; they are the Oklahoma NIU Radar feed loops, NIUOK. That hopefully gives you the gist of the label system.

Wild, isn’t it? Look at the area and the population density and know this silent artificially induced plasmic energy is ground penetrating. Yes, that means it passes through all in its path. It is not a dental X-ray! It is a carcinogen and it is put to use with the catalysts that aerosols use in creating a conductive field. This use of electromagnetics is outside of law! While it may be on the books that humans can be used to test Biological and Chemical agents, the Law/Code states nothing about legality regarding the induction of synthetic Wave-Forms as tests upon the populous. That does not even go to the clearly unconstitutional existence of a Code negating applied awareness or the inalienable choice of implied consent! We are not the Rats in the once aptly labeled Rat Race. It is on! When will the proverbial last straw break the damed up mind-think of critical thought? 

Tonight, 18th July 2014, having posted a piece of the prior nights events, there is renewed activity along and around the Gulf. As ever, the CA coastal region is all systems go. The continued use of EMF to keep moisture from entering from the ocean, continues the drought. This is naturally far from the complete picture of the agenda. Weather Modification goes to GeoEngineering, it alone covers encyclopedic formatted agendas along with Fracking; again having multifaceted purposes. From satellites in orbit, to the global Web of communication, psychotronic energy,et al., Wave-Forms abound. All bring this silent war upon life with HAARP among myriad Radar systems, yet as with GeoEngineering it is Technocracies playground.

It is Eugenics! It is entrenched! It must be uprooted and buried for new growth to have nutrients which will return balance to our fading existence!

otterwalks: 18th July 2014


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2 Responses to HAARP Twin Lakes/Oklahoma City, OK -Part Two:

  1. Matthew Biddle says:

    You have knowledge and yet you believe HAARP (or what you spin on it). I do not know what the DOD is doing in Alaska, but apparently it is NOT working anymore (HAARP). But, this radar doesn’t show it or rings or any of it. It is gravity waves (I think) because of the radar (remember it stands for RAdio Detection And Ranging), and it doesn’t have jack to do with HAARP. It doesn’t happen always because “the rings” do not show a lot. It just had to be “right”. I do not know much about radar, but I can get down to getting an expert to explain if you want? But I am not going to do that, if you say – like it is conspiracy – that you do not believe them? I really do not know what the DOD is doing with HAARP, but I do not believe that the NOAA Weather Radars (88D and 88D Dual-Pole) have anything to do with it or do not enhance it or deplete it (if whatever you say that is doing is happening).


    • otterwalks: says:

      @Matthew Biddle – Greetings, Having reviewed the events of 18th July 2014, I stand by the efforts made at the time to convey data both in imagery and through a very compressed data set in language that the lay person has a chance of understanding. First I continue to evolve that lexicon as, over time, more become familiar with innumerable sets of labels used by the varied specialties that this Future Weapons Arms Race elucidates.

      As to the specific events, you are looking at two overlapping events. First is the interfaced NEXRAD system – phased array – mimicking radiant wedge shape bursts – radiants. Second, in several frames the classic ring sign is visible. The first is a ground based Outburst used in weather modification. The second a Tomographic registry of impacted synthetic Plasma created by one of the hundreds of Ionospheric Heaters that are deployed globally. 175,000 watts – per laser outburst, vs. 3.1 Billion watts – minimum – that are generated, pinged off of the ionosphere, to return not only impacting earth’s surface, but in its plasmic -4d – composition, passing through all that lies in its path: Radio Tomography.

      Now, as to my credentials, most cannot be addressed. At this time, at 67, this field is one I aided in development. It can be said that my first array was engineered in CO in the mid 70’s. After testing, it was disassembled and moved to Poker Flat, AK. There it still resides, albeit upgraded multiple times.

      I always enjoy speaking with others in the field. HAARP, the label you have used, now goes by the acronym IRI. For the most part, all arrays, interfaced weather installations working as a whole, Radio telescopes, Space Platforms, Mobile land and Ocean going SBX – XBX – platforms are under the umbrella label Ionospheric Heaters. They are Tesla Mysticism corrupted by a Technocratic Agenda. They are the next phase of weaponry, following the propagandised Atomic Age with all that implies. As this is lay speak which has taken years to come close to a level that could be communicated, nearly all of my articles, published over years globally, are toned down to a level that the imagery is left for consideration; the language symplified. I do not expect anyone to read one article and find comprehension. One must live in constant contact with these growing events and their evolution; to hope to comprehend.

      You mention lacking knowledge of the DoD/NSSL Budget submissions. They run an average of 300 pages to the thousands of pages. DARPA, above the U.S. Air Force, NASA, NOAA, NSF, NWS, U.S. Navy, et al. should be a start for you. The following link will give you many links to research. Including – Department of Defense / .pdf from DARPA.mil — 2012 and 2013… Airforce “Owning the Weather in 2025 : Weather as a force multiplier” document: http://csat.au.af.mil/2025/volume3/vol3ch15.pdf

      United States Directed Energy Warfare Office -DEWO: http://www.navsea.navy.mil/nswc/dahlgren/ET/DEWO/default.aspx

      US Navy Labs create Plasma Spheres -rings – using HAARP – 27th Feb 2013 http://www.nrl.navy.mil/media/news-releases/2013/nrl-scientists-produce-densest-artificial-ionospheric-plasma-clouds-using-haarp

      So, here lies your edification starter Link:


      Having read the 50 plus links and watched the videos on this one page compliation, get back to me. I am always glad when people take the time to comment. This is High Math, Physics, Quantum Mechanics, GeoPhysical Engineering, Radio Tomography, Pi radians. and far, far more. By far the most important aspect herein is Eugenics…!

      We are being Exterminated. Radiation is only one form of the agendas that are deployed at this time.

      Post Script: I did forget to mention early on that the algorithm that creates the Mosaics has continued to we programmed to negate the visual -Ring – that High RF, VLF, ELF Operations once regularly imaged. The absence of a visual circumferential ring does not negate the Ionospheric assaults existence. Frequency, in the waking state, temporal world is largely unknown. This does not negate its existence. otterwalks


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