Foreshadowing EMF Event Horizon ? The NEXRAD System’s Potentiality: or Operational Attack Test? :

Here we see the single site location map as it usually looks when on the College of DuPage NEXLAB Site. This was this morning early AM. It was a night of Operations and they will be presented.

Now, I am not going to say that this Nation wide pulse of EMF Pollution -Radiation ! ; happened. I do see, in this screen shot, from 22nd June 2014 -11:45 UTC, that the legend is formatted the same way that a NEXRAD/HAARP Pulse is. I would say first, there is the possiblity of imagery malfunction. Next there is the very real potential that a test was indeed done across the Republic. That the interfaced network, at a set time pulsed to see if it could be done. This would be using the existing operational formats that each site was using at the preordained time. That the individual single site feeds were set in advance to not show imagery of the burst. It only takes bein off a minute on either side of the return of the Plasmic energy for it to not show in the feeds. But then, that would be Theory of a Conspiracy and we all know there is nothing to see; that weather modification, weather weaponry, and a Collectivist, Eugenics Agenda is just stories of the Boogie Man in the night !

The above image is the screen shot in its original state. Here is one of many recent Pulsed Wave-Forms as they appear. This is from 23rd June 2014 -KLSX -Louisville, Kentucky NEXRAD. You can see the 10Hz frequency range, one of the known mind control/psychotronic frequencies of choice, the off the chart intense RF white in the ring and scattered about, and looking toward the center, it is almost 3d in its conical echo tops; central return. This leans toward the HAARP presentment on its inbound flow as seen in Radar imagery. Another time Pi and Radar/Electromagnetic Frequency Math in a 101 format will ensue. Last is a short gif from 22nd June, that you may see the flash of the Burst as one is captured within the real time loops.

Here, on the 22nd June 2014, out of KGLD -Goodland, Kansas is a Differential mode gif with a Pulse in the loop. This is so you know to watch the legend for the change, as the burst has a compressed range of frequency, with far more power cursing through the entire area of impact.

This is a hint of the latsest Scalar Wave-Form multi-region input, supper massive black hole, that was operational over Yucca Flats Testing Grounds, Nevada in the early AM 23rd June 2014. Much more on that to come, life willing.

otterwalks: 23rd June 2014


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