Polar Stratospheric Clouds -Ozone Depletion -The Technocratic Agenda Viewed:

Note the trees and the viewers, this is not a polar region. Here is the weakening of the protective skin that shields Earth from the Solar Radiation. This is being done openly. It is covert in operation. It is the basis of the push for Carbon Taxation. These PSC, also known as Nacreous Clouds, and lately evolved to Mother of Pearl Clouds are not a beautiful sight they seem. They are migrating toward the Equatorial Belt from both Poles! This is One of the most important points to realize about the chemistry of the ozone hole is that the key chemical reactions are unusual. They cannot take place in the atmosphere unless certain conditions are present: ingredients in our recipe for ozone loss include Stratospheric GeoEngineering and HAARP. The passage of Synthetic Plasma, electromagnetic energy through a saturated field of conductive particulates sets this process in motion.

The presence of the chlorine reservoir, comprised of HCl and ClONO2 and bromine counterparts, through catalysts, convert into more active forms of chlorine on the surface of the polar stratospheric clouds. This is the reaction, in real time, the destruction of the ozone halo.

The ozone negation was not a surprise. Its posit was in existence and induction gave results that were expected, as the chemical nature, and artificial plasmic introduction of the region would activate this reaction with the correct conditions. They created those conditions, continue to refine, and expand their generation.

Reactions take place across the surface of PSC’s in a rapid manor. Surface reactions occur in atmospheric chemistry of the stratosphere. Prior to the 1950’s, the ozone hole phenomenon did not exist. It is not a true hole, but rather a weakened region in the stratosphere that allows far more UV Radiation to impact the surface. These reactions, which allow a linear cloud reservoir of chlorine and bromine to be rapidly converted to more active forms, have come to be, do to the introduction of HAARP and related technologies abuse.

Nitric acid is formed in these reactions and remains in the PSC surface particles; oxides of nitrogen are reduced. An imbalance that is burning its way through both the surface life, and through the usage of HAARP Wave-Form Technology, excitation beneath the surface is creating instability. There is polar ice destabilization in depths unseen. Vibration creates heat, the rest is elemental. Though it must be noted that any polar cap melt will not change topography in a graphic manor. This is another dialogue regarding displacement, and for another time.

The energy contained in ultraviolet rays is high so instead of just causing the molecules to shake, it strips electrons from atoms in contacts, ending with split molecules. The chemical structure of molecules is changed. This is especially detrimental to living organisms. It is causing cell damage and deformities by mutation of genetic code.

Ultraviolet rays can be subdivided into three different wavelength bands – UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. This is a way of classifying the rays based on the amount of energy they contain. Their effects on biological matter varies with the different frequencies. UV-C is most energetic and most effective weapon the Eugenics movement has at its disposal.

Checking the UV levels that State run platforms present is not going to give you the factual levels of these varied radiants. Levels are being tested across the Republic by independent researchers and their numbers are showing the ever increasing levels of UV and its movement southward!

otterwalks: 14th June 2014

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