HAARP Event Utah -Scalar Op Nevada:

The data was negated so quickly, as to seem predetermined in intent. The HAARP -Pin -Wheel, a field, registered center out of Brian Head/Cedar City, Utah. This was followed by Weather Weaponization Operations over the testing grounds of Yucca Flats. Tesla in his Zero point energy epiphany first worked the Longitudinal Wave Interference. Later The Scalar Wave-Form, a label Tom E. Bearden, LTC, U.S. Army, now retired wrote and spoke to, from 1971, and had published often by 1982. In the theory of the scalar electrostatic potential -SEP, the idea is introduced of work accomplished on a charge brought in from a distance against the scalar field. The single beacon is not a vector field, but is a precurser scalar field. A differential of SEP between two locals can produce force or accomplish work. A differential of scalar potential between two spatial points constitutes a vector. Scalar waves are a form of radio waves creating what is known as Longitudinal Wave Interference. Where two Scalar Waves meet, an energy bottle is created which disintegrates all matter within that bottle, producing what is in effect a miniature atomic explosion, but said to carry no resulting radiation. 
This is the Star Wars Agenda Theorem. Its’ R&D continues with higher power, duration, and number of origin sites. This is a diagram of early potential to this end.


Replace NEXRAD, were scanned interference screen and scan are labeled, and you have the origin installations creating the laser play seen after the Wheel Pulse.




These have a time stamp just past the Pulse window. They are the powering down signatures of the Burst.



They still show powerful RF, much like the Nevada Lasers crossing over Yucca Flats. 

otterwalks: 11th June 2014


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