HAARP Event Utah -Scalar Op Nevada/Plus One Replay Next Day Over Yucca Flats Testing Grounds:

On the 11th June 2014, Operations in Utah where followed by three additional NEXRAD Radar Stations in the Scalar Box Vectorization, Bottle paradox. In mathematics and physics a directional sequence of Laser Beacons of a magnitude converge on a specifically determined position; one point of intersection in space relative to all origins. Note: there is a diagram in the prior event article.
On the 12th June, after Brian Head/Cedar City, Utah registered center of a large HAARP Event which time stamp was dropped from the feed. Next a similar, yet larger Scalar Event commenced. In this R&D Edwards AFB, California was added to the Artificial Plasmic Bottle Point.
First are gif format with the available imagery form both operations. Next is feed from Cedar City, Utah. It is not the same imaging system and while the large loop of the area was running on three and four minute frames, a number of the peak time images are missing. Next is Edwards AFB, California, followed by Las Vegas, Nevada,and last a loop out of Reno, NV NEXRAD. The Installation designations are KICX, CC,UT -KEYX, Edwards AFB, KESX, Las Vegas, and KRGX, Reno, Nevada. Reno shows a sizable fan working the creation of the field where other lasers intersected. For Your Consideration.

otterwalks: 14th June 2014

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