UPDATE: Can You Say Censorship?

Here are the two ten image loops that followed the previously shown censored Radar loop.

Stick with me and the extent that censorship is used to prevent us from receiving data, will become apparent.






This was only one of the Bursts that registered today. The point is that from CFL bulbs, to cell phones, hair dryers, electric wiring, devices, microwave ovens to Smart appliances, Smart meters, cell towers, Radar systems, and HAARP like systems; the natural state wave form of life is being corrupted. There is a silent constant. An attack that is negating critical thinking. It is the Technocratic weapon of choice, here and now, being integrated to future ends. Thus its growth, its usage, its power, must be kept covert.

Stray electrical and magnetic fields are found in most homes, almost all work environments, on the streets of most towns and cities, on aircraft, ships, automobiles, buses and most other places. In fact, the only places that tend to be free of them are very rural areas where no one lives such as the arctic circle, or in the middle of the oceans.

In other words, we live in a sea of EMFs today, thanks mainly to modern radio and microwave technologies to which we are accustomed. Even in very rural areas, one may encounter stray EMFs that are natural in origin, or that may be manmade, such as radar installations and other military or other installations.
Link to the last paragraph… A list of links to the moon could reside here.


For your consideration. Survive-All… Awareness is Preparedness…

otterwalks: 7th June 2014


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