Note: This data has been corrupted… It is in the process of de-corrupting. Today, 6th September 2016, will hopefully see a return of the imagery exposing this event as it occurred. To be continued…   o…

When HAARP presents, or another form of strong RF Event is imaging, everything stops to collect data. Hence, the delay in this continuing series. Here are two events as examples. They show RF in extreme ranges. In both examples a GIF is shown first. It is the same time stamp, with seven, return data images. The first is from KBOX NEXRAD Boston, MA. The third image in each of these shows the RF Pulse and is revealing in the legends that are on each image. The second is out of Moody AFB -KVAD NEXRAD, Georgia. In the case of the Moody AFB return images, you will see the legend of the third image is unlike any of the others. It spans shades absent of color between black and white. Recently while reading about AI, Quantum computers, and relative frequency functions, Radar became their topic of choice. This was not an Abstract from a theorem. It went to Radar systems being more powerful electromagnetic systems. They accumulate vast experience, and become better decision makers than humans. DARPA is deeply into R&D to find why they start with no knowledge, learning exponentially, from experience over time. It seems there is no reason for them to stop! That will be revisited in the future more fully with links.
Sky-Net is here, and you are looking at its decisions.

Our intermediate level of study needs growth as frequency events are in deployment. A common speak language must be created. The words of trade are always forms of visualizations communicated in their realms shorthand or slang. Not unlike inside jokes, they remain unknown, until the dots connect from observation over time. Generally, Radar is a foreign topic in need of conceptual integration. If you specialize in a system format, then the lexicon is not a foreign language to you. So it is with the Technocracy and their programs. Their words are in large part conceptual shorthand used toward expeditious conveyance between those immersed in an activity. Through our descriptive repetition of these images, we need common labels to pass awareness. Development of consensual wording then adds the already integrated identifiers to a new, visually agreeable, descriptive translation of event natures. This negates semantics and we can thus expand the dialogue to deeper root values. Therefore some wording which has become societally integrated, logically remains. Other images with data connections may be clarified, disseminating cognition presented as action and reaction. This is a frontier that we must work on together. Experiential and synchronistic awareness gone  conveys marginalized consciousness, unknowingly authorizing sufferance.

Man was born free, and everywhere he is in chains.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Freedom and slavery are mental states.
Mahatma Ghandi
Now, the few enjoy life and liberty at the cost of Earths declining comfort. Conversely, this catalyst sparks an instinctual planetary self preservation mode.
otterwalks: 24th May 2014


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