HAARP Ring Presents Center At KGSP NEXRAD -GREER, South Carolina:

Word of the recent past is that the DARPA, using its Air Force front, is to dismantle the Gakona, Alaska HAARP array this summer; if.
This program is the Eugenics system that is the covert agenda in use to negate surface sustainability, eventually making forfeit the balance needed for organic life. If the nuclear age, war, essentially co-opted life sustainment systems; food, medicine, air, water, et al. do not work on queue, generically labeled formats will. When the appointed time comes, the many feed back loops created by Technocracy using synthetic plasmic wave forms with aerosols for conductivity, will have accomplished the Noah Syndrome. This time it will not only be water that ends the firmament, a new invisible fire will work directly, or as catalyst. in orchestrating mass extinction.
Let me be the first to label this diversion, Solyndra 2.0 and give reason. First, Gakona is one of seven known systems that work to Global Ozone Negation, through it, our end! Even if they did dismantle it, there are mobile and stationary systems around the world that will be used. There is another array being fabricated on the border of the Yukon Territory and Alaska at this time. Poker Flats has, since its inception, been the system central. Gakona has been the US Navy public propaganda venue. This is diversion, and will, wether a dismantle is orchestrated or not excess funds will disappear. That is the bail out, Money Powers, play book. The use of new technologies will not end HAARP, it is in constant R&D with algorithms feeding it beyond an end point.
Today, the censorship was locked in from NWS to each Radar feed save this one below. The instant this presented the other feeds were all off line with the usual: Sorry,there is an error with the location you have chosen, the Radar is Down page, and as you see below, the scrubbed, blank time stamps. You have seen them before, they do not need a full review.
Word of the recent past, that the Air Force Front for DARPA is to dismantle Gakona, Alaska HAARP array this summer is diversion no matter what happens. The first array I worked was off line in less time then it took to establish.
That said, here are the garnered images from todays EMF event which lasted for a half hour that we know of.

This image should show the ring, it is within the timeframe and has been redacted, as an RF Event, from the system’s feeds.

Last is the usual blank pages that appear at the point in time of the registry.

This Is just breaking on USGS and other earthquake feeds.That would be about five hours after the Wave Form Event.  Updates to follow if available.

otterwalks: 22nd May 2014


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