Credited Evidenciary Cloud Images With Commentary Added By otterwalks:

These images have once again come around the internet and it is time to update, correct, and explain their presence.  They are events born from catalysts.  Each having its own signature, all from Technocratic R&D, several the visual capture of  Ozone Depletion as its reaction takes place; the creation of  the negation of our protective shield, veiling earth from solar radiation. 

Image ImageImageImageImageImageImage


this atmospheric phenomenon is known as a circumhorizontal arc, which occurs when the sun is at least 58° above the horizon and the hexagonal ice crystals which form cirrus clouds become horizontally aligned. (learn more) this is not to be confused with cloud iridescence, which was featured in this post.

photos by (click pic) daniel m shih in taipei, orne veien, jeff kubina in west virginia, ken rotberg in florida’s delray beach, brian plonka in idaho, lisa gonnelli in new jersey and angel villanueva near california’s vandenberg aerospace station, which actually shows refraction through a rocket trail. 

True enough, though I have seen these images around the web before. Some have been credited to numerous individuals. One has been said to be from as far south as northern Texas. Quite a southern local for a PSC. It has of  late been credited to a photographer in central China. Interestingly the latitudes are similar. This author has used one of these images previously and knows it to be a photographic image from Crew. That aside, I do not believe that there is malice intended in their presentation. They are simply misinformed photographers that are looking for dynamic post card images to earn a living with. They simply are behind the factual curve. One can hope that people are of good heart.

The first three are refraction from GeoEngineering aerosols commonly called Cloud-bows. The next two are far more insidious! They are indeed PSC -Polar Stratospheric Clouds. They are the visual chemical reaction of ozone depletion in action. This is the birthing of ozone holes! They are migrating from both poles toward the equator. This is evidence of the ongoing covert Eugenics agenda being carried out by the Globalists. The end of which is our END! As the allegory of Noah and water; in our time UV Radiation will radiate us to death to the tune of 90 plus percent of humanity if they continue! These are POLAR Clouds first seen in 1956 and recorded by the British Scientific Survey in the Antarctic. Why then are they showing up at latitudes far from the poles? Answer: Operations such as SRM at a stratospheric level and the addition of Pulsed Wave Forms through the Conductive layer that has been created. This MUST be stopped! If continued it is to life’s demise. Next another Cloud-bow, these may be comprised of various slurry blends ice nucleating catalyst among them. The colors aid in revealing the metal content, while not absolute, it is telling as often there is not a full spectrum effect. Last is at the heart of the Global Warming, Climate Change, Extreme Weather Event label changing psyop. Each space shuttle launch put enough ozone depleting chemicals into the atmosphere to equal 100 years of automotive and industrial emissions in the lower 48 with its cleaner systems. The Vandenberg launches put less of said same into our biosphere. This all goes to CO2 taxation, the warming, cooling debate, and is in fact a tactic of divide and conquer with a heavy dose of propaganda for diversion. Look Up! The shadow government aims to kill! Time to reclaim the Republic! Nuremberg 2.0 ! CA Drought, CO Flood, OK Tornado, Sandy, and Every other Extreme Weather Event since the late forties has been manufactured! Weather as a weapon is a given. It is NOT up for debate the proofs are abundant! The above images are evidentiary documentation to be used when people finally get their heads on and take the actions that the Constitution demands be taken when usurpation from without, or as in our case within, comes to pass !


          Image credit DUTCHSINSE          Much Love

William Cohen 1997 admission of intent: from there we can go back to JFK and see his statements regarding weather modification. Lastly, Mother Nature has absolutely nothing to do with the creation of these synthetic events. She remains innocent. It is the abuse of space between earth and incoming solar rays. These events are Man’s Sociopathic creations. Methodologies quite pathologically insane, and created by our enemies!

otterwalks:  16th May 2014


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