HAARP Ring KDIX -Fort Dix, New Jersey -14th May 2014:

This is Breaking Now! HAARP Ring Registers center out of Philly Radar KDIX NEXRAD, Whiting, New Jersey. It covers much of New England, west across PA, and south to Elizabeth City, North Carolina, almost to Morehead, North Carolina. Washington D.C. is in the target acquisition zone. At this time the USGS shows no earthquake activity in the region being hit.

Having written about KDIX earlier this morning and the many cyclic NEXRAD/HAARP and Censored feeds scrubbing HAARP events in full; this is happening!

That blank frames are where the event should be seen.  The loop with the bright pink and white center is a NEXRAD/HAARP Pulse prior to the event.  The after image shows little of the event, and continues frozen on that time stamp.  Who knows the extent of the event? 

It seems ever more that the return and imagery generating systems are being reconfigured to negate, or stop in advance, the disbursal of near real time data. This pulsed wave, electromagnetic, synthetic plasma form, is from our open source, publicly owned systems. That is, the available data is there for use in its uncensored form. Many feeds claim copy write and then link to data from NWS and NOAA. Looking deeply their efforts at programming display software is their claim, yet this is negated by their theft of, and reconfiguration of the details from public sourced radar systems.
Of course, that is pie in the sky think. Raytheon does not make products for Peace. Nor, do they create for the advancement of the public! Copy write is not debatable as the data they are using is from the Public Domain! It is used in navigation of air, sea, and land thereby a system that must tell the complete story of weather events. Blank screens negate the safety feature we have paid for in the development of these and continue to have allotments relegated to continue use of a technology that in truth is in use for far more nefarious operations. This is not for our safety, nor for any citizens intellectual advancement.
So, what could the remaining reason for this abridgment of our intellectual property, and negation of First Amendment rights be?
What you are seeing here is a co-opted Tesla Vision being used in combination with other covert operations such as GeoEngineering. This is an agenda. It is covert in nature and all of the worlds key players are in on the secrecy.
The end goal is ozone depletion with all that that implies. It is today’s Noah allegory, with radiant fire, rather than water. It is a work in progress, stock-in-trade, aimed to end humanity, and if more death arrises, so be it !

otterwalks: 14th May 2014


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