Fort Dix, New Jersey -KDIX NEXRAD/HAARP Operations:

Having presented the 31st March KDIX Event it seems this follow up is apropos. This has become a cyclic event, seeming to occur weekly. It has become so regular that it seems the feeds are in anticipation and begin to drop with extreme precision upon its inception. Invisible frequencies are disbursed in a format doubtless linked to volumes of atmospheric saturation of aerosols, that may create a full range of potentialities. Whatever the conditions, they go to weather modification thus, it is an attack formation! It is not being done for our betterment. It is being done, of that, their is no doubt. There is no debate here, the evidence exists. Here is some of the recent KDIX operation, albeit from censored and negated feeds, thus incomplete. However incomplete they may be, the fact is existential! The logic applied implies yet affirms another piece of the interfaced system in use, regarding the geopolitical, to capture this Republic! When extrapolated, the end all goes to the far deeper reality of Eugenics, our END! It matters not how this comes about. It could be food shortage, extreme weather events, or the slow entropic dissipation of that which is seen as our safe and comfortable life situations. Response to this Mutually Assured Destruction -M.A.D. through edification is our hope. The visualization palpable, exposed; ethically, morally, and spiritually demand an action, reaction. The passage herein imbued, leads to an understanding that here is a path from which one cannot turn. To view the network of sociopathic dementia in action plumbs the rabbit hole, once entered it occasions inertia. That which is a virus upon this frail earth must be contained! With them, the means to negate the Ozone’s protection is in hand and in operational progression. This, NEXRAD, is but a regulated diversion, a piece of a complex wholeness; one that aids in the agenda. I digress as that word, wholeness, comes from fifteenth century Old English, Dutch, and Germanic roots meaning Heil, which comes from Heel, and becomes Hail! Back on topic. Roots are foundational. These systems being among the structure waging war upon life are fundamentally in need of uprooting. The entire concept must be eradicated!
A Silent War is upon us and the time is neigh! Time to wake from the orchestrated Dream Time.
KDIX feeds are offline. The last imagery a preemptory pulse change prior to an event that is not wanted exposed. This is what lay hidden behind censored feeds. Compare this image to the past events historic prominence. Here are KDIX images from 9th May 2014. They are redacted returns likely post the major event which runs a still or blank screen on various feeds.
The lawless, authoritarian regime currently fronting this agenda, is a disinformationist propaganda dispenser. Find Truth where it resides or be destined to feed the elephant in the room. That elephant is beyond a lion in its evolved veracity, owning little probity, it has no regard for you. If you exist in the path of its motion, you will be by your view its victim. Its need for you is only to toy with you until you die.

otterwalks; 14th May 2014


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  1. spiritwolf04 says:

    Nice to see there are others posting on this weather modification, H.A.A.R.P. needs to be stopped.

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