NEXRAD/HAARP RF Pulse Flurry Continues:

Every now and then while watching the Frequency/E. Pollution feeds you may see a passing flash. It will usually be a single frame image. Rarely, if they are long in duration, you may see several frames. When this becomes fully operational in format, the likelihood of negation, censorship, comes into play. You see, there is no Weather Modification, it is in the fabric of the minds of persons such as myself. That despite my personal, hands on life experience, in the creation and maintenance of the very systems that continue to evolve deploying this agenda. Nothing to see here, move along, these are not images that you need to see…

Naturally, that is some small venting on my part. Sarcasm which I often write and then erase. This time it will remain.

There have been more events than can be presented here, especially in one article. Therefore this will begin a timeline series of formated data with notations which in the end will cover several dozen RF/Plasmic bursts that have registered from specific NEXRAD installations.

In this series it is not my intent to explain the processes, herein used, to steer, dissipate, or create the movement of atmospheric moisture ending in a modified weather circumstance. Though there will be and have been articles containing loops in which little imagination is needed to see what is being done. In using extreme data compression, this process is a changing of energy forms. These are images of returns that the radar networks receive, process the frequencies, strengths, and durations and create their own visuals.

In short, electrical energy is generated, sent through a technocratically created set of instruments at different elevations. The image is the return of that energy, which has been changed to electromagnetic energy in a desired frequency, at a specific power. This we call Plasmic Energy, Wave Forms, Electromagnetic Pulses, and for myself, Frequency Pollution.

An introduction complete, here are events captured and formated for presentation from 28th April 2014 to begin.

When watching feeds you may see a pulsed wave form such as this in the course of time. This is from Reno, Nevada; NEXRAD station designated KRGX. Note the pulse is of a color that is off of the chart, as regards the legend.  This Beacon having bisected the stations ambient signature, begins to change the disbursal of this radar emission.  You can see the spiral motion of the white energy as it seeks a path of least resistance.  In the High Math used in the creation of these system’s workings, this is called Radar Divisor Function.  It is further extrapolated when two or more beacons cross, creating an event called a scalar pulse, wave, or square catalyst event.

You may also see a burst such as this one out of -correction -my bad – KBLX-Billings, Montana.

Here is a set of images of the same time stamp. These are out of Louisville, Kentucky. They go through different filters and you will note the change in the legend to the gray RF Band range when the event registers.

You can see that three of these seven images reflect the radiant heat produced by the power surge used to create this NEXRAD/HAARP Burst.  This is a loop which shows a NEXRAD/HAARP ring with multiple frequencies appearing in this loops data format. This is from KVWX Evansville, Indiana.  It too was on the 28th April 2014.

Off the chart color coded, but not of the same extreme power flux.
Here is a similar set of images, this time out of the eastern seaboard from KCLX Charleston, South Carolina; again on the 28th April 2014.

There are more from the 28th April, maybe time and space will allow their presentation later. As well each following day has Bursts which will be formatted and presented.

otterwalks: 8th March 2014  



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