Early Summer 2013 -Ozone Depletion and Chemical Burns:

GeoEngineering has within its format, BioEngineering.  This is a story in photos, another otter tale.  Crew has a Nikon COOLPIX.  When around if one of us Looks Up, and IT has begun, the ride comes and we go to open spaces.  I wear double UV  sunglasses and am the GPS, co-pilot, spotter, and navigator.  Crew is happy to have a venue with which to soapbox the Awakening while remaining anonymous.  

So, on this day which passed for blue sky, as high noon approached we knew from experience that it is highly likely that the aerosols would begin.  The following GeoEngineering photo introduction has images in which you can see the damage to the canopy, which is largely oak.  Locally they are calling the damage and death, rapid oak die off, a syndrome.  Well, if your being burned by high levels of UV’s and below, your skin, your bark, is falling off; then yes, it is rapid die off!

Here we begin with the blanketing agenda, its multi faceted aims almost inconceivable.  One early summer day…ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

As you see, the trees often have branches, barren of leaves.  Or, as these last two show, the leaves are burned and withered.  Doubtless, aerosol fallout plays a roll in this.  As well, today the allegory of Noah with atmospheric water as a protective barrier becomes analogous with the change in element as our days firmament is ravaged and fire, radiation becomes the overriding causation.  The effect is everywhere and this is what came to pass in a quarter acre wine berry patch, after a day such as the one above.  

The healthy growth with its abundant fruit, had had its leaves simultaneously scorched throughout the entire patch.  New growth did not show any signs of the skeletal damage that had come to pass.  Indeed several more feet of growth brought forth a new cover of vibrant, healthy, leafage.  There were no insects.  The damage came in a one shot event which caused the injury to these quite hearty, raspberry like plants.  First looking down upon a section of the patch you see it’s teeming vibrance.  Then the hollow, almost dissolved growth phase, followed by fresh growth, untainted. Hind site says that a heavily aerosolized day was followed by rain.  This does not show signs of systemic deterioration.  It is rather, topical, and correlates to the growth athwart.  Presumptions which first arose were blight or pests and in depth examination along with new growth gave rise to how the agenda targets even the most resilient forms of life at one time or another.  Each individual life form, be it human or any other living species, has invasive waves befall it.  This time as the heavens fall, it is fire in the form of radiant energy, which are catalysts planted to our end. 

I see it as a one, two, three, punch.  First aerosolized chemical fallout, followed by synthetically modified rains, next glaring skies, thinned to the point that ultra violet radiation presents rapid entropy.  Life is being burned at the stake of malice. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

These images are as they were captured, remaining unchanged.  Crew is not one for instruction manuals, and I imagine with time will come specific settings tailored for skies and vegetation.  As these are Crew’s photographs, the credit and gratitude, there go.  This is the first time that I have noticed anything happen to this plant species.  It is hearty and seems resistant to everything naturally occurring in the environment.  Therein lies tangible, evidence which quantifies the direction and momentum of ozone depletion.  That is the true agenda, all else is diversion, as the actions of the few befall the many over time.  

otterwalks:  Survive-All…   28th April 2014  

Dedicated to Crew: aiding with singularly infinite opposing posits, seeds that unveil Truths, in the name of  That Which IS.

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