Censored Radar Reveals NEXRAD/HAARP EVENT:

This was one of many recent censored radar feed returns.  Often they lack imagery surrounding the peak of the event, negating frames, as the system follows its protocols.  This is out of Amarillo, Texas occurring as the new day was beginning.  Crossing from the 25th to the 26th local time: Central.  The images here are presented as several single images, and loop segments from the time stamp of the censored feed.  They are from different radar system feeds.  The Weather Underground has changed their system and is in BETA with their new format.  They do not have the image save system incorporated at this time.  Apologies, the loop is nine screen shots, and they had begun to drop the feed.  Many images were not available.  The obvious similarity they present leaves little need for their absence.  ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

This format is in frequent use in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Billings, Montana.  When in RF modes, this signature type appears distributed at points within the NEXRAD System.  

The frequency of events, even with the scrubbed feeds, leaves little time beyond data collection.  Slowly, I hope to bring more current events.  I will still import old articles of merit on occasion.  

Today, 25th April 2014 saw Dover AFB, Delaware to start the day with an event of note.  Crew; actual name, is about, and today mid morning captured many photographs of GeoEngineered aerosol disbursal.  Those photos and the late day activity out of Dulles, Virginia soon; internet and Lord willing.

otterwalks:  26th April 2014 

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