On The 31st March 2014 an event with a signature that is seen out of different NEXRAD Installations was in operation on a large scale.  This is not the classic HAARP signature ring.  It is RF in nature and therefore is under the label.  In efforts to create a lexicon for the public discourse, most speak of this event type as a NEXRAD/HAARP Event.  It has far more energy in use both in its dissemination and in its duration.  Reno, Nevada radar is most commonly seen to use this type of algorithmic formatting.  Doubtless the facilities that present in this manor have engineered venues that are tailored for this permeation.  

Here is the map of current NEXRAD Radar locations, annotated.  Followed by the event in different feeds.  It continued for so long, that more could be archived prior to the completion of its operation.  This should show enough that further imagery would be unnecessary.  This NEXRAD local, DIX, is in central New Jersey.  Fort Dix, was established in 1917.  It Was a training location used heavily during the Vietnam War era.  It has been consolidated with; drum roll; the two adjoining U.S. Air Force, and Navy facilities.  Big surprise that they are there, working electromagnetics.  It has also been a testing ground for Bio-weaponry and is now Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (JB MDL) on 1 October 2009. However, it remains commonly known as Fort Dix.  Joint Mission Management System (JMMS) is its designation today.  Here is some of their work.  ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

As you see the frequency pollution continues for over four hours.  It sits alone in operation as the Central Tier State Installations power up.  Weather Modification is on record, in part exposed. In part the revelations of the damage to the continuum of life have become common.  Illness abounds.  These weaponization experiments at our expense must stop!

otterwalks:  23rd April 2014


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