Frequency -E. Pollution -Public Domain Censorship -Behind The Deletion and The True Agenda:

Here is a link to a radar feed that is usually a top choice when checking activity that impacts your body/mind health.

These images are from the afore mentioned site.  Previously events being negated by this method have been brought forth. Investigative trial and error can unveil the covert and then present it, exposing the contaminate.  This is but one of many methods employed by this system to block real time data. 

The few events that fall within the label HAARP that are presented in no way begin to show the whole of this slow kill agenda.  If you are of a mind that this has no impact upon you, here is a portion of the deleted, censored imagery of the resent past. The single frame images would not integrate in .GIF format. They either negated all other frames or dropped from the creation of the scroll.  Theses are but two of those corrupted images.  They have some encoded format that prohibits their distribution by other means.  This first is likely the negation of a Tampa Bay, Florida event.  There are far too many to chase them all down.  You have to pick your investigative battles.  It is time sensitive and could be any NEXRAD installation within the parameter of the sanitized region.  Generally speaking one would seek out the center local, in the event that a full HAARP ring event is being covered up.  From there, many other operations may occupy portions within the circumference of the negated Radar events.  Image

The next image was tailored in similar manor and can only be shown having changed the formatting by screen shot of the dragged image.  This was a highly active time of Frequency Pollution being rolled out during Weather Modification Operations.  The State College, PA Burst has indented the programmed formatting, creating the small concavity shown at the 2 o’clock position.  


The above is likely a negation of a Saint Louis, MO NEXRAD/HAARP Event.  Investigation revealed frequency activity with a partial ring signature.  This image presents 36 minutes after the negated occurrence.  The loop which follows jumps from 1427Z to 1444Z, dropping three images which surround the time stamp of the event horizon.     ImageImage

Note how scrambled the word Precipitation is, above the color legend, in the above loop. This is another De Facto clue that this is the location the covert agenda meant to hide. (The change of format due to recognition of restricted data, has strained the feed, and the imaging system has not fully compensated…) Radar is presented in clear air and precipitation modes.  The lower loop shows no RF in the images that are available.  The single format 0.5 degree elevation image in Storm Relative Mean Radial Velocity clearly shows RF (Radio Frequency) with residual static, a signature remaining from the supper heated radiant wave pulse.  
This is where the rubber meets the road.  RF goes to Radar, goes to HAARP, all of which fall under that western label.  It is the infinite variant combinations used in NEXRAD type systems and the jump to HAARP type installation’s (By many names globally…) usage that assault in silence, a full spectrum of Radiation, upon life on earth. 
Here are some recent excised events, cloaked from public view by this particular format, in .gif loop.  Image
There is no one particular circumstance which presents the whole of the variable quantities statistically characteristic in the scope of Frequency Pollution born within the HAARP (Labeled) format.
Electromagnetic Radiation includes, but is not exclusive to, visible light, radio waves, gamma rays, x-rays, (X-band) where electric and magnetic fields or wave forms vary simultaneously.  Included in Physics (The nature and properties of matter and energy…) are radiation, electricity, magnetism, and heat.  Varied actions create phenomena with bordered properties.  The more refined the equipment in use, coupled with the aggregate power input, present plasmic reactions of innumerable radiation locus of power.  It is bound by the law of action and reaction.  It is exponential in its growth. thus its presentment by algorithmic calculations.
This is R&D of future weaponry.  it is in this experimental phase we catch glimpses of refinement.  It is, and has been in use, linked with other agendas (Such as GeoEngineering Aerosols…) for decades.  The continued head long push toward absolute control is the Eugenics Agenda.  The culling of humanity is coming from all directions.  They create many diversions from the core Truth.  The UV radiation is much higher than reported by the complicit governmental oversight combines.  UV -A, -B, and -C are radiant heat calculates.  They are rising as the seasonal migration of the ozone holes, both northern and southern, move ever closer to the equatorial belt.  This is proven by many methods.  Here is todays allegory of Noah.  The firmament is being breached by deliberate intent or the resultant feed back loops of past ill thought experimentation.   It is visible in photographic imagery showing what was once called PSC (Polar Stratospheric Clouds…).  They, as many labels, have changed over time.  They have been made acceptable by their quaint titles.  From PSC they became Nacreous Clouds, from there they have been labeled from the latin roots as Mother of Pearl Clouds.  Doesn’t that sound just like a picture post card should sound, soft, peaceful, and beatific.  The truth is far from it! 
The following article was published as the result of decades of RF system mechanization and examination of resultant outcomes.  It was left incomplete to get a feel for timing regarding the acceptance of its truth here and now.  Time grows short therefore it is time to relay all pertinent data.
In this article published in February 2013 there are two distinct atmospheric events occurring.  Here was another presentation looking to see any feedback that would demand further clarification.  Over time labels become accepted into the societal lexicon and integrated as truths.  The images are of Chem-bow and PSC.  The third through sixth images were first labeled from China, later numerous locals where attributed to these images, Texas among them.  At this time they are known to be from Saudi Arabia! (Bit of a way south for a Polar Cloud! (?) )  
Here is, with much data compression, the way that PSC come to be and how it shows ongoing reactions in our biosphere…  The Nacreous clouds themselves form at altitudes of 25 to 30 kilometers (Approximately 82 miles maximum..).  They are icy clouds which form in the lower stratosphere when the temperature drops to around 85 degrees C.  Minute ice particulates produce the effect by diffraction and interference.  When conditions arise water molecules are sparse and cling to one another in long thin stretches of cloud.  Within that region nitric acid interacts lacing the length.  The combined chemicals mesh with chlorine which comes in many forms, some relatively inactive others extremely reactive.  At the surface of PSC’s, chlorine converts from inert forms to excited molecules tearing apart anything in their path.  Ozone is generally the first casualty.  The result is the diminished ozone layer.  This is a chemical war which has HAARP as its progenitor.  (Future articles will expose the locations and the culprits of this ozone depletion agenda…) Heat locks ozone in, preventing the formation of PSC’s while the ozone layer exists!  Once the ozone layer began its depletion the upper atmosphere cooled slightly which created the correct environment needed for their formation.  The reactive form of chlorine in turn depletes more of the ozone layer.  A feedback loop is begun and the cycle of chemical reactionary violence continues, unending!  Here is an image from Kittila, Finland -19th Dec ’08…  Image
There are thousands of images from around the world of the equatorial migration of ozone negation.  The next is from Mercoglinao, Italy; the date is 2008, the month has varied, doubtless it is from the northern winter.  The location is the key.  Image

Here is a Youtube link from video shot in Finland 2006…    

I will leave this article with one image that is from 23rd September 2013.  This is, no pun intended, the polar opposite of the Alaskan HAARP array installations.  It is as Janus the other face of the HAARP axis upon which other installations interface.  Image

Here is the link to Deven Stross, photographer and more.

Remember the NSF is in Raytheon’s pocket.  DARPA, US Navy, Air Force, NASA, NOAA, et al. tie to the Corporate Military Complex, under the Shadow Government, born of Globalist Houses we call the New World Order today.   To be continued…

otterwalks:  9th April 2014 



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