Storm Relative Mean Radial Velocity – Tracking NEXRAD/HAARP Events to Center Registry:

When using this radar imagery format, you may come upon a particle ring event.  If you return to the map and locate the NEXRAD installation that is closest, and in the direction of that signature particle ring, you may well find a full circle present.  That may lead you to seek other feeds with the same time stamp to see more of the composition of the event frequencies.  Here is a Storm Relativity loop from Nashville, TN.  It shows a NEXRAD/HAARP ring formation. That is followed by another type of ring event from San Antonio, Texas NEXRAD Radar, both are from the 27th March 2014.  ImageImage

Here are single image (Current) Storm Relative Mean Radial Velocity examples that show that something has occurred recently.  The disclaimer has been added so that you may see the issues presented by the imagery verses the written explanation of what you are looking at when you are looking to radar for your needs.  These are from (BLX) the Billings, Montana NEXRAD installation feeds.     


This last pair show a directed fan of lasers that having pulsed, the current Radial Velocity frame is from the last time stamp on the loop.  Being a registry of the changes that the burst has left in its wake.  By the basic talking points. that are found as disclaimers on different radar systems, an irregularity is present.  It is obvious, and does not conform to data presentation parameters.  Quote: “Green indicates movement towards the radar site and Red indicates movement away from the radar site”.  Prevailing winds?  Storm Tracks?  Atmospheric particulate matter?  The above are all run in “clear air” mode.  That verses “precipitation mode”.  

Also, note the last statement: (Highlighted in light blue surround…) “NEXRAD has an increased emphasis on automation, including the use of algorithms and automated volume scans.” 

Billings is another highly active station involved in The Montana Project. The above time stamps are from March 2014.  They are from the 11th, 23rd, and 30th.  This is some more foundation to introduce the investigative tells that can open the often hidden, censored, operations.  In the upcoming Montana Project series this one small region will be examined over the course of the winter.  Its use as a engine of change and chaos will be evident.  There may be inserted references to to other aspects of the chorus of radar events as they will show up in the loops that will be used.  This will give the overall view of the programs agenda; Weather Modification.  

otterwalks:  30th March 2014 


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