Teaser For Upcoming Series – The Montana Project:

Following are Radar images from the same event 28th March 2014, one of many.  This is an example of the operational technique that has been employed using (In this case…) the Malmstrom AFB NEXRAD System, near Great Falls, Montana.  This venture has been one of the major players in the northwest, of the lower forty eight, with regard to this (2013/14) winter’s Weather Modification Program.  

The imagery that you see is born of Co-opted Tesla Mysticism.  These installations, NEXRAD, Doppler -TDWR, X-Band, et al. fall under the westernized label HAARP, in that they use electromagnetic pulses to produce a state of excitation.  Within our biosphere we say there is matter.  We are taught that no two things can exist, in the same place, at the same time.  Given that, as a singular, linear format which is existential, we have developed the concept of action and reaction.  Therefore, take that proposition and apply the presented data.  Given that these images are of electromagnetic bursts from lasers, to massive phased arrays in their genesis, one must come to conclude that there is heat produced from the friction created from the passage of these beacons and rays.  As such, that passage moves matter of variant forms or frequencies.  That movement necessitates a chain reaction as each point in matter has to move: all positioned, associated matter is put into motion.  It is self heated above and beyond the introduced heat from the penetrating wave forms.  That action begets the reaction of pressure changes.  Through change in pressure, a migratory – Path of Least Resistance – is created.  Applied herein, to this aspect of Ra(y)dar, artificially induced power presents rivulets and streams of high and low pressure zones. Atmospheric matter, including but not exclusive to, atmospheric moisture react in accord with this.  Moving where the least heat exists, as continuity is a singular preference in matter.  Over-lorded by these Powers, change becomes actuarial.  That is, if you blast them, they will move.  The logic is basic. The technology sophisticated, yet simplistic in its posit.  The abhorrent usage by Technocracy is criminal! 

Here are images of the same event.  It is one of numerous daily presentments.  Its use has created our national, synthetic winter and accompanying drought.  It is outside of Law, in need of investigation, and of utmost importance!  


There you have data from three different imaging systems.  This is a single event creating massive electromagnet pollution.  WiFi times mega and giga watts of synthetically produced plasmic, carcinogenic energy.  

Something needs be done to stop this covert agenda!  Do you think? 

otterwalks:  29th March 2014



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