WSI Radar NEXRAD/HAARP Rings Expose E. Pollution

Oops, somebody has some explaining to do… Who knows how, but for several hours the WSI Radar loop ran this single image which gives you all a clue of the constant E. Pollution that is upon us. (Electromagnetic Pollution – Microwaves of innumerable Tailored Frequencies and various Energy Pulses that preform multiple tasks…) There is little variance showing in these NEXRAD/HAARP ring colors as relates to frequency. This Radar site is used for precipitation and expresses as  temperature variance through its color legend…  

The two images above are of the same time stamp – 1:00 AM – CDT. You will note the beginnings of the censorship as Kansas, Oklahoma, and surrounding states return to the usual Clear Air blank read outs. The annotated image attempts to show SINE WAVE and Tendrils which are often present in imagery before and after a Powerful HAARP Event.

Finishing with NE, SD, and ND showing the eastern movement of the Engineered Winter Storm that killed over 100,000 head of cattle in SD. Here is a link explaining the continuing event.

This is documented on several sites. This Weather Modification R&D is a Militarization Operation, its Experimentation is a catalyst that will present at some point in time as ill health, hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding or drought leading to famine. These Technologies, from Weather Modification, to Think Tank/DARPA mind control wave forms, are not covered under the Experimentation loop holes that allow the US populace to be the unwitting subjects of Chemical and Biological TESTING.  

As we have seen with Syria there are laws regarding the production, storage, and usage of both Chemical and Biological Agents!  International Laws that The Money Powers ignore at our peril.

  Title 50 › Chapter 32 › § 1515 › with its loop hole…   (Not-Subsection 1520…)

50 USC § 1515 – Suspension; Presidential authorization; does not cover the saturation of Chemical or biological agents disbursed on the citizenry being permeated with the use of ANY Energy (Electromagnetic Wave Form) Delivery System! That is clearly what has been going on for decades. It is outside of law as subsection 1515 of 50 USC Chapter 32 is written!

For your consideration:  


Originally posted on  23rd October 2013 —  Revisited 28th March 2014 – See prior article for reference.


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