The Censorship of NEXRAD With Its Occasioned Flaws:

Early in the AM of 27th March 2014, the below Radar feed did not function as the computer programs are tailored to do.  

This then results in our potential to view a more precise picture of the E. Pollution that is a significant detriment to our health in todays world.  That is putting the issue in as soft a statement as can be!  We are penetrated by wave forms that are silent in their nature.  That nature, is one that is compromising immunology and carcinogenic.  

Yes, all of this Technology is killing us slowly; killing us softly.  For most it is a matter of out of sight, out of mind.  This illustrates imagery with a time stamp. First is a weather loop in which you will see the tailoring of one image has not under gone the complete negation of the NEXRAD/HAARP events that are scrubbed prior to presentation.   Image Apologies:  The single image will not upload.   I will return hopefully able to edit in the rest of this article.  You may take note of  the flash of  behind the scenes Weather Modification systems that are working full time.

Winter 2013/14 has been a continual replay of events.  The only changes have come with the changing seasonal tilt of earth’s axis.  That has been the way of it over the years.  The usual players continue and new tweaks are inserted to deviate change.  In the above loop in the frame that will not load, you will note how Cancun and Altamira, Mexico Radar work in chorus with the US systems agenda.  For their part, I am referring to the management of Gulf and Pacific atmospheric moisture.  Houston NEXRAD is used as an engine to bring in, and compress moisture with the aid of GeoEngineering Aerosols, and the many types of frequency inducing mechanisms that are put online.  They include any form of observatory.  They are called radio telescopes for a reason.  

Picture 1Again, Apologies:

This is what I get when I try to upload the single frame for your viewing.  Censorship is alive and well in our hijacked Republic!  So, here we have an image of something that does not exist, and it is “not permitted for security reasons” despite its being in a loop presentation.  I cannot find another way to get the single image to display.  So, if  you are interested, may I suggest that you drag, copy and paste, or whatever you know how to do to grab the image for your system.  Once you have the .GIF from above, you can hit sidebar, and scroll down until you display the image.  Then you can drag off a .tiff  and see the image as a still.  You can reformat it for further usage by changing from the .tiff  format.  Best I can do for now on this one.   Survive-All…

otterwalks:  27th March 2014

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