Censored HAARP Ring Reveals Cincinati, Ohio NEXRAD/HAARP Event:

On the 27th March 2014 a censored HAARP ring appeared on the CONUS2 Merged Reflectivity Composite radar feed system.  Upon checking other Radar feeds, a NEXRAD/HAARP event came to light. The first image is a still of the censored event, followed by a .gif leading up to the event peak.  ImageImage

Before the Cincinnati event, you can see a State College, PA Weather Modification Pulse.  It is the spoked circle of Lasers in the northeast.  The NEXRAD installation’s signature remains on the right edge of the deleted area.  The next loop is from just after the event occurred. It too was expurgated, having the 2:15 PM imagery negated along with surrounding time stamps.  This is a loop showing the after effect of the region having been hit with a massive artificial plasmic burst.  These are the static remnants, a portrait, of the electromagnetic artificial plasmic quake.  

“Is it a fact, or have I dreamt it – that, by means of electricity, the world of matter has become a great nerve, vibrating thousands of miles in a breathless point of time?”  (Nathaniel Hawthorne).  Image

NIU (Northern Illinois University) Radar, College of DuPage, Romeoville, IL generally has the data if the system is online.  They are one of the major collection repositories creating imagery for use in R&D refinments..  The actuaries are used to create visual (Digital) radar constructs, and from them algorithms are developed.  Here is a loop taken from a 96 frame download that is from the NIU specific NEXRAD site location system.  It chronicles the timeline that other radar feeds had negated.  Image

It has been and continues to be a very active time.  Many operations are in play as this large collection of atmospheric moisture is being steered to some end.  There will be more, and for many, Spring may not come this year.  For that we can thank the climate engineers.  And this is the tip of the iceberg as is said.

otterwalks:   28th March 2014

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