Weather Modification Trends: Redefined Orchestration Changing With The Seasons -Part One:

The following article was published in February 2014. 

Today, 25th March 2014 has been a very unique day of operational systems push.  The Montana Project is in full use, Reno, Nevada, and Rapid City, North Dakota presented large scale events seen on radar feeds.  This will be an article when the images are formatted, and time presents. (Soon; o…)

This is another past article; presented as foundational dots, which will enable the visualization of many parallel agendas having to do with electromagnetics, wave forms, artificial plasmic energy, steering the jet stream, the winter 2014, et al. .


Of late we have seen winter weather patterns repeating themselves. The “Montana Project” has been central with its cycling HAARP Family Bursts, added to the ongoing Houston/Dickinson, TeXas and Jacksonville, Florida systems. You will see Houston, TX online, at some strength, in any image that it is pictured. They are atmospheric moisture directors and engines sending the raw materials used in weather control. That is GeoEngineering mining and distribution. Montana is working to bring down the Arctic air through the Jet Streams manipulation, and aiding the creation of low pressure vectors for south bound cold air to collide with drawn up moisture. Repeatedly KJAX (Jacksonville, FL-Radar) blocks movement of moisture into the Gulf, sending up the eastern seaboard an influx of warm moist southern air, aimed at New England.

One of the issues facing R&D is the change in the seasons. These are some of the recent radar plays used to compensate. First Birmingham, AL started to cycle bursts of (Pin)Wheel NEXRAD/ HAARP activity. It was joined by EOX -Ft. Rucker, AL,/FFC -Peachtree City,GA,/CLX -Charleston, SC,/and is now registering this type of event out of MHX -Morehead City, NC.
This moves upward along the eastern seaboard, bringing added moisture inland and directing its movement in chorus with timed, systematic, radar events which create the low pressure channel with the direction created that is the operational experiment.
Induction of artificial electromagnetic, Plasmic, (HAARP) wave forms, is outside of law. It is E. Pollution. It is the creation of a carcinogenic environment Within our biosphere, a manufactured mutated (GM like) Solar like Radiation is being used in pursuit of a refined futuristic weapon system. This for the silent war, one that will cause draught or flood, earthquakes, stimulate volcanic activity, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, high winds, hail, “Arc” lightening, and with all of its use, it slowly acts as a catalyst bringing about a weakened human kind. That is one of the slow/soft kill methodology, archived in actuaries over time.
It is Eugenics from start to finish in all of its aspects.Far more to show regarding operational roll outs. With time You will see it is not futuristic science fiction, it is as the agencies reports and patents show, an agenda. One that could be used in emergency for good results. One that is becoming Weather as a Force Multiplier. The weaponization efforts continue, and it is its transparent over-site, which we must work to put into place.
otterwalks: 1st February 2014


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