HAARP Censored -South Carolina 4.1 Earthquake:

I find it fascinating that an agenda which either does not exist, poses no health risks, is not being refined for weaponization, and this and more are need to know.  And that means you and I do not need know.  Nothing to see here, move along.  It is a De Facto admission by the use of Censorship that Technocratic experimentation is prevalent.  It thereby presents the absolute necessity for the covert agenda.  It is a cover up.  Not a potential, but an operational reality which is a silent attack upon We The People!  This is one incident of many that continue to grow in number.

Another impact by HAARP Wave Forms!  It was a short bounce or a penetrating hit.  Maybe both, as the event was blocked out on every Radar network.  Most skipped, or dropped over two hours of image feeds.  If you were not watching the time stamp, it was tailored such that there was a smooth, barely noticeable transition.  One moment, you were watching imagery leading up to 10 o’clock PM -EDT 14th February 2014, and the next moment you had time traveled two or more hours into the future.  This is one of the operational tactics which get noted, imagery gets archived, is rarely being presented after the fact, as it works fairly well.  It is hard to prove factual data when said proofs no longer exist,

South Carolina had an earthquake that was first reported as 4.4 and then rolled back to 4.1 as you will see in the images below. 
If you read the recent earthquake article, with its links to video about the North American Craton, you will give some bearing to the potential that these east coast earthquakes are an “Action -Reaction” facet, which present after earthquake and earthquake swarm activity along the west and southern areas of the North American Plate; the “Craton”.  This is called subduction. It is a displacement of energies which traverse the subterranean depths until stopped by some change creating a blockage.  The resultant build up of displaced energy vibrates as it builds and surface response is the end result; a type of earthquake ensues.
After the hours of HAARP ring radiation last night in Mississippi, the fact that the earthquake occurred 1.5 hours after the start of another HAARP influx is more than suspect.  This begs research transparency regarding these excitation energies usage. It is something that demands action to curb the use of these systems with no over-site.  The consideration regarding the extant potential of synthetic plasma being induced in our environment is ever more obvious.  The creation of such a catalytic trigger is known to be of high priority. 
From the “Star Wars” platforms and satellites in space, to micro wave weapons now in use by todays military; Weaponization of electromagnetic energy is the focus of todays covert research and operations.





  Link: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/map/

This earthquake, may be by design.  It may be an unknown response to Weather Modification R&D. There is overwhelming evidence that Fracking operations are undermining the stability of the land we live upon.  it is also a given that HAARP is a Weapon System, under going refinement for its use in the Global Political Theatre.  The books have been written.  The patents are revealing enough to show the full intent to harness this level beyond Nuclear Power for military purposes.  The affects are mounting experientially to where their dots connect for all to see. 
HAARP has many levels of function.  In the near future the true malicious nature of its use will be brought forth in a manor clear to all. 
For now, we focus on the aspects which truths tip the scales of probability, leaving no doubt or debatable stance.  We will learn the terms, the math of radar devisors, the actual simplicity of the the physics, and the result will generate a clarity that is now resting in the back of many’ minds.  The day will come where understanding the operative agenda, as a covert emplacement, will beget the new paradigm. No longer will there be, the man behind the curtain.

otterwalks: From 15th February 2014 -25th March 2014


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