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This ia a Social Network site which has many links to other authors and sites.  As I learn the system here, new articles written, researched, and presented, will be original.  If research demands (And it usually is.  The moral and ethically appropiate display of links will be within any given article. 

Following is an article from the archives there.  I will make the effort to bring new research aimed at present and future trends regarding living in the Here and Now.

 HAARP (Wedge) Wheel -Real Time -With Links:

Here are a couple of radar links to this new operation. It came online at 2:48 PM -CST today the 27th February 2014. With “NIU” (Northern IL University) you can go to the bottom of the page and find the return to the “Main Radar Page”. There you will find the US National Feed, The NIUSP -Southern Plains, and the Oklahoma State feeds with 36 image loops. 
LINK: http://weather2.admin.niu.edu/niuok.htmlLINK:http://www.wunderground.com/radar/radblast.asp?zoommode=pan&prevzoom=zoom&num=0&frame=0&delay=15&scale=1.000&noclutter=0&ID=TUL&type=TZL&showstorms=0&lat=0&lon=0&label=you&map.x=400&map.y=240&scale=1.000&centerx=400&centery=240&showlabels=1&rainsnow=0&lightning=0&lerror=20&num_stns_min=2&num_stns_max=9999&avg_off=9999&smooth=0The “WUNIDS” feeds, (“Weather Underground”) show some of the Various Frequencies being radiated. They cover issues from Weather Modification through heating of atmospheric moisture, to a laundry list including “Mind Control”… 
otterwalks: 27th February 2014 **************************************


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