QAnon Post No. 1924 Graphic Reveal & Other Q Decodes 17th August 2018

Friday already.  

Here are some recent illustrated Q decodes, proofs, related news and events as well as breaking news visuals.

The military parade which was planned for this coming November has been canceled. President Trump canceled the event after finding that the cost had risen from the original estimate of $12 million to $92 million!1_parade_canceled_graphic

QAnon post 1917 had some images that were in need of further research…2_podesta_red_shoes_graphic

QAnon 1759 ==> Who is Michael Avenatti [?]3_who_is_avenatti_graphic

QAnon Post No. 1914 links graphic…4_qanon_1914_hit_piece_links_160818

QAnon No.1876 Decode…5_1876_decode_140818

1871 Decode…6_q_1871_decode_150818

1796 Decode…7_q_1796_decode_backup

This is a fixer upper about the Senator from AZ who’s name we do not say.8_we_dont_say_his_name

Something BIG is about to happen!9_something_big_graphic

QAnon 1659 and 1660 reveal…10_who_files_indictments_graphic_010718_backup

News that President Trump didn’t want you to miss…11_real_news_from_potus_290718

Back in 2017 #POTUS’ Twitter account was taken down…12_trump_twitter_taken_down_graphic

As always, these are large images. You can drag them to a desktop to expand them for better visuals. You are welcome to spread them around and here’s hoping that a byline will be added.

otterwalks  17th August 2018

Survive All…  Awareness is Preparedness…

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QAnon Post No. 1876 & 1828 Decodes 15th August 2018

QAnon has been actively dropping major reveals lately. These two are among them.

1876 is first as it is the most recent of the two. It centers on GMAIL DRAFTS which was a communications system set up for use by Deep State factions in all of their daily efforts to foment their agendas.

QAnon post No. 1828, another massive intel outline, lays out the attempted silent preemptive Coup d’Etat which was run out of the Hussein White House.qanon_1876_decode_backup

The 1828 decode…


As always, you can drag these high pixel, large images to your desktop to explode the graphic imagery. You can also use the expand function at this link…

You can find more on QAnon in close to real time at these links…

On at ==>

On Twitter at the Covert Extrovert account ==>

For the drops as they are posted to the Github scrapper sites…  &

The last two are the most used of the drop sites that repost QAnon from the Patriots Fight & 8chan Q Research Board.

otterwalks  15th August 2018  Survive All…  Awareness is Preparedness 

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QAnon Graphic Decodes / Illustrated Visuals / Op-Eds

We are into the 20th July 2018 & QAnon has been silent for two weeks…

These are some of the graphic reveals that have been generated in the not distant past. Most are Q related. Some are QAnon Proofs as we say. They are Q drops that are shown to have a direct coalition to other synchronized posts made by persons, groups or organizations which prove there are connections exist between them and the Q Group.

Naturally, POTUS, President Trump is key among them…

Starting with QAnon’s Air Force One & Marine One proofs… Yet another case of Future Proves Past.


Should any of these not show in a large enough format, they may be dragged to your desktop and viewed. They are high pixel images. If you need further help, please leave a message. 

“Who do you see?”


The tarmac meet & the coverup actions which transpired expose the true collusion!


@realDonaldTrump tweeted – tarrifs – RR problems points to more than simply Rod Rosenstein Q proof… 


The Honey Fitz and WWG1WGA!


Another extraordinarily erudite message hidden within what appears to be spelling errors and typos tweeted by President Trump. 


Continuing the trend of deliberately created twitter imbedded messages… Here’s another message sent, deleted & a “correction” reposted. Or was it[?] As Twitter & other social media participants noted, “Council” is continued…


Mad Maxine fueling the Outrage Machine!


More Q Jet Blue… Coincidence[?]


Q Proof – Holiday Greetings 2017 alignments…


Proof Storming – 7th January 2018 …


The Plan… 12_who_files_indictments_graphic_010718

Straight up decode QAnon post No. 1664…


Oft misread drop… The nature of “CLAS” 1 thru 6 & beyond…


QAnon post No. 1644 decode… Q explains.


QAnon post No. 1646 – POWER TO THE PEOPLE.”


Op-ed Works From otterwalks. Decoding the Weaponized Media Spin…






The continued growth of the “Clinton Body Count“.


The growing panic is revealing Deep State assets as they are rolled out…






The contents of QAnon post No. 1652 are written below. The link that is provided goes to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement – Government site home page.


The 4th of July 2018 “pore” tweet…


Last, for now… Summer is always a time to remember how #CorruptAlGore sold his Executive Seat to the Bush Dynasty for a foothold in the CCX – Carbon Exchange – & became the first crime boss with a corner on the new market!


Back with more and hopefully sooner than later. Hope it has been enlightening and that you have progressed in a Great Awakening by viewing these.

As always, leave a note if you have thoughts. I do know how to edit in corrections should any be needed. Show your proofs if you have them. 

       Awareness is Preparedness     Survive All

otterwalks:  20th July 2018 

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QAnon Graphic Decodes & Illustrations That Relate

Continuing in the effort to present the latest graphics that have been created using QAnon posts, headline news articles, Tweets and more… Some are already set for updates. This last – for now – seven day absence of Q drops has given some time to play catch up. 10 days darkness? Usually, Q would drop a clue regarding a planned absence. That’s my take on how that issue has been handled. The reality of these last few months has been that the Q drops have taken an upward swing in momentum. It is almost surreal not finding new posts when checking the Github scrapper sites for the latest or newest posts. /patriotsfight/ has sat with the same page for these days. Time will tell. The remorse are circulating about the potential that Q is done. That seems highly doubtful. Again, time will tell…

Here is a run of graphics addressing varied QAnon relevant data sets… One note for here… If you cannot view these images, you may drag them off to your desktop to enlarge them. They are large mega-pixel images. Not sure that WordPress has a good enlargement function. [?] First – Korean news from Q post No. 1289…1289_nk_sk_meet_graphic

Allison Mack – Schneiderin Resigns – Who will be next? Post No. 1368 and…


IG Horowitz – Q post No. 1403…


Q post No. 1433 – Encyclopedic  Volume of Data in This Stand Alone Post…1433_infographic

This is a Follow The Pen side by side…follow_the_pen_side_by_side_graphic

@realDonaldTrump Twitter The issue  of Separation of Children From Illegal Immigrant Detainees…djt_tweet_immigration_separation_graphic

Another Follow The Pen Graphic…follow_the_pen_trip_code_graphic

New CIA Director Gina Haspel…gina_haspel_gaphic

It’s Happening ==> Q post No. 1436 and…its_happening_graphic

@realDonaldTrump Tweet, QAnon posts on the Tarmac Meeting, Antonin Scalia 187 and…lynch_sc_deal_u1_more_chart

Q post No. 1090 ==> McNoName / Syria…post_1090_decode_080418

Q post No. 1326 ==> McNoName Meets Syrian Rebels Secretly and Illegally…12_q_post_1326_decode_100518

Patriots Fight Q post No. 1114 and…1_patriotsfight_graphic

QAnon Trip Code Reset Graphic ==> Hope this helps…trip_code_reset_graphic

Q post No. 1379, Tweets, post No. 771 and…q_1379_graphic

The Corsi Twitter Meltdown ?10_corsi_tweet_mania_graphic

Q post No. 1123 Updated with Lt. General Nakasoni Taking a Position… q_post_1123_lt_gen_paul_nakasone_anno

QAnon post No. 1306 ==> Topic: Iran Nuclear Deal…q_post_1306_graphic_decode

QAnon post No. 1238 / 1164 ==> HRC…q_post_no_1238_graphic

Updated Follow The Pen Short…update_ftp_trip_code_graphic

QAnon posts 888 / 1188 ==> NK…8_q_posts_nos_888_1188_graphic

QAnon post No. 1437 ==> The Image Taken From Air Force One Located…q_post_1437_graphic_backup_230518

NK Talks graphic…7_nk_talks_graphic_120518

What Must Happen Pre 11.11.18 [?]5_what_must_happen_pre_1111_grphic

Be Careful Who You Follow…2_be_careful_who_you_follow_graphic_120518

That’s another grouping for your perusal… More to come…

otterwalks…  29th May 2018

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Ionospheric Heater Impact Broome Australia 28th May ’18 – Future Weapons R & D Assault

The Future Weapons Technologic R and D assault reveals / continues…

At approximately 12:40 UTC Broome, Australia began to register a synthetic plasmic, Ionospheric Heater impact. This Ring event, what in common parlance is called a HAARP Ring, was heavily censored. The ring, oft referred to as a “Red Eye Burst” is the illustrated product of at least five varied locations which are scanning RF / EMF and associated frequencies for natural and generally manmade waveform activity.

This ring, as they usually are imaged by these mosaic formats, is approximately 500 miles – 804.672 kilometers – in diameter. An individual Radar installation of the type that is interfaced on ground is limited to a maximum range of approximately 170 NMI – nautical miles, or about 250 miles.  A nautical mile is a unit of measurement historically defined as one minute of latitude. That is equivalent to one sixtieth of a degree of latitude. Today, it is a non-SI unit which has a continued use in both air and marine navigation, and for the definition of territorial waters.

This is the one frame which actually shows the event as an illustrated overlay on real time Radar returns.broom_red_eye_280518

Detail of the same Radar products image…broom_red_eye_detail_280518

At this time there is a Future Weapons Arms race being pursued across the globe. This effort is based in Frequency weaponization. To understand the implications of this it often necessitates the use of one’s imagination. Life as we experience it is frequency based. That is. All that we experience through our outward senses is a collection of data sets that are registered by frequency collection systems which are then deciphered by the manager, that which we call our gray matter, through the synapses and thereby are applied to the individuals collective experiential body of knowledge. We are a continuum of, for lack of better wording, electrical pulses which are stored in memories and it is they that translate as We The People through a process of being products of our environment. To find the fundimental root of frequency is to find That Which IS. As man, in this temporal field of existence, cannot experience the vibration of life, which is itself life, this effort will forever be in vain using temporal methodologies.

Society, as it exists today is by and large invested in temporal existence. Most live in complete ignorance of the greater realities. With that comes a lacking awareness of the activities which move ever faster toward a frequency cataclysm. Hardly anyone understands that Lasers are already inn use as offensive weapons. That battle cruisers are being built and retro fitted with systems like the USS Ponce’s LaWS weapons system. Laser is an acronym that stands for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.” In the case of war, lasers can be used to blind optical sensors—including the human eye—or to destroy objects by heating them up to burning (or exploding) temperatures.

This is the U.S. Navy’s LaWS weapon system…1_laws2_laws3_laws4_laws.png5_laws

The U.S. Air Force employs the Boeing YAL-1 Last weapons system…1_boeing_yal_1_airborne_laser

Think that this tech isn’t taken seriously? You would be sadly mistaken…


On 18th November 2017 the first flight of a multifunctional aviation complex radar surveillance and targeting A-100 was made…russian_a_100

The MiG 35 is now equipped with offensive Laser weaponry…mig_35

The Russian Dooms Day Aircraft, the  llyushin IL-80…llyushin_11_80_aircraftrussian_il_76md_90a

Once spoken of as potentials, land, sea, air and space platforms now boast Laser weaponry…laser_planes

This is the Russian Combat Laser Complex…russian_combat_laser_complex

Here is the V-MAD – Active Denial Technology is touted as a breakthrough in non-lethal technology that uses millimeter-wave electromagnetic energy – MicroWave technology – to stop, deter and turn back an advancing adversary from relatively long range.v_mad_tech

Continuing with the Active Denial Systems…active_denial_systemactive_denial_system_large_scale

Big surprise!… Raytheon is a key player in the development of these frequency systems.


This is the ocean going platform known as the SBX. it has been upgrade too the XBX systems. It is a mobile, ocean going Ionospheric Heater platform. The most powerful system that this tech represents at this time. That is, as we know… ?sbx_platformsea_based_x_band_radar

Okay… Here’s hoping that you are following this seeming dystopian discord… The facts remain. The world is engaged in R and D efforts to lodge technologic advances dealing with frequency weapons!

Continuing… Broome, Australia was assaulted by the Technocratic Agenda involved in the insemination and perpetuation of Future Weapons tech based in frequency.

Broome, Australia Ionospheric Heater assault. First as imaged by the 256km imagery product available from the BoM Radar data for Australia.broome_bom_256km_280518

This is the 128km product showing the same limited return…broome_128km_red_eye_280518

This is the complete data set page display that the Bureau of Meteorology uses for the 128km product… This shows the varied frequencies that compile this synthetic plasmic waveform. This is a confluence of carrier waves.broome_bom_128km_data_280518

This is where the rubber meets the road, so to say… This Heater Assault, born of the continued R and D efforts that are run by Globalist interests like Raytheon, continues to negate, wipe and or censor all real time systems that may reveal this continued effort to prefect frequency weapons… 

This loop shows that the data regarding the returns which reveal this effort have been highly censored! There are five missing hours that should show the continued Technocratic assault of this HAARP like Ionospheric Heater / Radio Tomographic / Synthetic Plasmic beacon as it permeated the region of impact… This is the 512km product as it is available at this time.broome_512km_censorship_loop_280518

The timestamp above clearly shows the five hour drop of the returns…

The tags and categories on the right will take you to further articles that aid in giving a larger overview of their covert agenda. 

otterwalks…  28th May 2018

                            Survive All…     Awareness is Preparedness…

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Newest #QAnon Drop – Post No. 1361 Links…

Update: Posts numbered 1362 and 1363 have come through in the interim…

This is the site to list all of the links contained in #QAnon post No. 1361…q_post_no-1361_140518

The 3rd link clicks through using the image below…

Link 11… Another image click through function…

This link wants to shift up to the second image click through link… ? That may change…

So there are the 18 links in the #QAnon post No. 1361…

QAnon post No 1362…q_post_no_1362_140518

Detail of Q post No. 1362… Seth Wadley Ford is in Oklahoma. It has been reported that this billboard is on highway 35…1362_detail

QAnon post No. 1363…q_post_no_1363_1405181363_detail

The above post No. 74 is from the 8chan research board. The general reference goes to post No. 1332 on the GitHub / .com sites…

The image below it is from the night that the three captives returned from North Korea confinement. The image was taken at Andrews Air Force Base.

Zoom on the firetruck…post_no_1363_q74_firetruck_140518


That’s it for the moment. If more drops occur, they will be added. Never know when the next will appear.

otterwalks     14th May 2018

The images below do not show up on my create nor edit pages. Sorry, cannot work them. Maybe they function as the missing Roseane Barr link above.

View story at

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QAnon Drops in Illustrated Decodes

These are another grouping of more recent infographic reveals, Q proofs with their links to Twitter posts by POTUS and others, posits and suppositions. 

If they do not enlarge enough on this platform, they can be found on the RedPillMedia – site ==>


Next is the earlier piece which has been reused in the above. Putting this in so that the data it contains is easier to read.8_posts_888_11889_big_picture_graph10_corsi_tweet_mania_graphic11_freedom_flag_infographic12_q_post_1326_decode_10051813_q_proof_no_1326_10051814_qs_new_tripcode_and_phase_315_q_post_no_1123_anno_labeled_10041816_1238_1164_nunes17_maggie_vineyard_chart18_1239_earth_day

Working, as ever on new illustrations and will return with them A.S.A.P. 

It may be that these will be followed later today with some of the newer Q posts that have been dropped. At this time, almost 10:00 AM Eastern on the 14th May 2018, the most recent post is No. 1360…

The complete #QAnon post No. 1360 is now coming through……  Image follows……  Image follows…

#JohnKerry#Pelosi#Assad19_q_post_no_1360_13051820_the_hill_ha_ties_to_mbLeaving with these images…22_yr_plan23_now_comes_the_pain24_qanon_patriots25_lincoln_memorial_potus_flotus


otterwalks and Crew[Anon]   14th May 2018

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QAnon post decodes – Infographics – from 27th-28th April 2018

This begins with Q post No. 1286 from the 27th April. This is a particularly long post with many data sets to be revealed. It presides largely around the issues faced by candidates running in the 2016 election process. The levels of activities are related to open source, searchable information. Q continues to add links within the posts.

#QAnon post No. 1286… This image is from the 8chan research board. It fit in one image that way. The reveal follows over the next four images.q_post_no_1286_2704181_q_post_no_1286_decode_2704182_q_post_no_1286_decode_2704183_q_post_no_1286_decode_2704184_q_post_no_1286_decode_270418

QAnon post No. 1287…q_post_no_1287_270418q_post_no_1288_270418

QAnon post No. 1289 is followed by a graphic. There has been much talk about a possible situation which would count as a #MOAB. If these images aren’t able to be clearly viewed, drag them to your desktop.They are large images, dense with pixels.


Moving into the drops from the 28th April… QAnon post No. 1292…


Jumping back, Q post No. 1268 goes to the newly appointed Lt. General Paul Nakasone,  head of the Army Cyber Command, has been nominated by President Donald Trump to serve as head of the National Security Agency and the U.S. Cyber Command, he will be replacing Admiral Mike Rogers who steps down on 1st May ’18. Following the post is an image from Q post No. 1123 originally. It has been updated with the newly confirmed NSA head.


#QAnon post No. 1276 infographic decode – Q Proofq_post_no_1276_aid_out_260418

#QAnon post No. 1277… Q Proof…post_no_1277_connections

#QAnon post No. 1280 and No. 1281 decode graphic… This one happens to be a favorite to date…topic_1280_1281

This comes with the text from QAnon post No. 1269 on the image from Q post No. 1274…q_post_meme

If Q drops further posts on the 29th, today, we will return and add them. If not, we’ll see you when there is news to report.

otterwalks and Crew[Anon]       29th April ’18…

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Q Drops 25th – 26th April 2018 – Assorted Q Data Sets as Reveals From Q

QAnon post numbers 1261 through 1274 were dropped on the 8chan boards on the 25th April 2018. Of late the posts have been presented with a greater clarity given to the reads. As more of the U.S. and world’s populous becomes Awake to the process that is in motion, it becomes easier for the intel disbursal. That is, the open source progenitors are tailoring their information platforms to actually work as investigative journalists should. There is a deeper research methodology being employed by those that are working to regain the Constitutional Republic as it was created.

There is a dissipation occurring where once the corruption, which very nearly completely ensnared our government, resides. Daily, news breaks of the continued escalation, regarding the draining of the swamp. The resignation list continues to grow. Human trafficking is being addressed in ways that have never before been seen. Both sides of Congress is seeing a roll back of the corrupt political hacks. Many are not going to run for future office, that, in the hope that they will be able to slink off into the shadow of history. Appointees in high government branches are being fired. The DOJ, FBI, State Department, Joint Chiefs of Staff and many more are being thinned out. The Hussein holdovers are being routed slowly but most assuredly. New 9th District Court appointments may one day return some form of actual non-biased justice to those courts. The same may come to pass within the Supreme Court of the United States.

That bit of optimism having been stated, these are the most recent Q posts… QAnon post No. 1261…q_post_no_1261_250418

QAnon post No. 1262…q_post_no_1262_250418

QAnon post No. 1263…q_post_no_1263_250418

QAnon post No. 1264… The top image of that particular post is the way in which it appears on the 8chan Research Board.1264_q_europe_250418q_post_no_1264_250418q_post_no_1264_250418_detail.png

QAnon post No. 1265…q_post_no_1265_250418

QAnon post No. 1266…q_post_no_1266_250418

QAnon post No. 1267…q_post_no_1267_250418

QAnon post No. 1268…q_post_no_1268_250418

This is the image from within Q post No. 1123. Admiral Mike Rogers is to be replaced  by Army Lt. General Paul Nakasone. He is yet another Army Intel Officer. This image is of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It doesn’t by any means show the entirety of that group. This image is rife with symbolism. That is for another time, though that dialogue began when the image was first posted here.q_post_1123_lt_gen_paul_nakasone_anno

QAnon post No. 1269…q_post_no_1269_250418

QAnon post No. 1270…q_post_no_1270_250418

QAnon post No. 1271…q_post_no_1271_250418

QAnon post No. 1272… The post is followed by post No. 568 which is the image within the drop.q_post_no_1272_250418q_post_no_1272_image_detail_586

QAnon post No. 1273…q_post_no_1274_250418q_post_no_1274_detail_250418

Here begins the 26th April QAnon drops. They are ongoing at this time and will be updated later tonight or in the early AM hours Eastern time. Should you wish they are posted on the MINDS and sites we use. This accounts are RedPillMedia42 and RedPillMedia respectively…

26th April 2018 Q drops at 6 PM Eastern…  Q post No. 1275…q_post_no_1275_260418

As you see there is a link within the post which needs to be worked.

QAnon post No. 1276…


This is a reference post where each Q post statement has a prior QAnon reference with the post’s number attached. This is Q post No. 1266 from the 25th. This is Q on Q…1_q_post_1266_q_on_on_q_2504182_q_post_1266_q_on_on_q_250418 

That’s it  for now…

otterwalks and Crew[Anon] 26th April 2018  

Survive-All… Awareness is Preparedness…

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