Norway – Aerosols Caught on Radar – HAARP/IRI Heater Event

As this posts to other sites, you will have to click the quick links to WordPress, to see most of the data. 

There are a number of consecutive loops from Norway’s Interfaced Mosaic Radar imagery system. Near the end is a map of Norway Radar installations that play key roles in the data provided. There are some that have been left out, more exist that remain covert. They lack the public access, the transparency a free society deserves. 

This data begins with Aerosols captured on the 24th August 2016. It then moves on to events from the 25th. All but the last loop run on 15 minute intervals. There is no Timestamp provided, so I will insert them where possible. The loops have been left short so that they may be viewed in a larger format.

At the end is the Heater registry from the archives. It is from the 8th July 2016, and appears to be Northwest of Tromsø, Norway – EISCAT – registering center at the Hammerfest installation.    

Here are the aerosols starting late on the 24th of August…  These are from the last seven and one half hours, local time, on the 24th. They are in the 15 minute loop format. Now, the images begin every 15 minutes from the 24th August ‘16.  

Now, begins the 25th August…  11:45 – 1400…  

1415 – 1630 local…  

1645 -1830 local…   

This is the three hour format which runs on a five minute interval loop…  Here is 1835 – 1920 in that five minute imagery format. Oslo, in the southeast reveals the covert operations. Also present, is the coloration linked to electromagnetic induction. As the atmosphere becomes a highly conductive layer where it is worked, or as the toxic metals have become fallout and pass through the Radar Outbursts and generic functions used in imagery, they register. There are software programs to negate straight line images, thus it is rare to find and see this agenda at work. I’m betting someone in Norway has images from the last few days of Aerosolization. Feel free to share them, they will be added to this data and a byline added.

This is the mentioned map of Norway’s Interfaced, public-ally available, transparent to a degree, with some of the installations annotated…   

Last is the Ionospheric Heater event which was archived on the 8th July 2016. The better part of this, likely Hammerfest centered impact, was wiped from the data stream. This is a part of a longer run Operation. This is in the fifteen minute format return imagery. The Extremely High RF is off of the charts in the regions of white within the magenta, red, and surrounding regions. The color is not on their legend. This would be said to come under the umbrella label of HAARP, now IRI. For the most part I will continue to shift the label paradigm to the Ionospheric Heater Label. It covers these Future Weapons in the Global Arms Race Technology far better than enclosing it in the singular site name. That, one which is no longer in use. HAARP exists and is operational under a new title. The hundreds of Directed Energy Weapons – DEW – demand a fluid change in their label to continue to cover their evolution as they begin to become operational; their potentials geometrically escalating.

This is a global Technocratic agenda. It is the next form of weaponry that mankind has developed and it continues the actuarial data feed to the Algorithm which is now running in a feedback loop. The output of operational parameters are changed by unknown aspects of the Technology. Returns show Unknowns that should not be present. A.I. continues its move toward its view of perfection. 

To it, perfection is that which last an end point. Life is imperfect, it ends! The continued search for eternal life as it sees it will continue at our expense. 

                    We are being Exterminated…!   

And that is not the only method employed by The Powers That Be. Nor is it the only one which has gone beyond their control. Aerosols being among the Geo- Bioengineering operations as well. Researching Arctic Methane Release will show you another operational failure. As will the Ozone Negation Eugenics Agenda. More on all of these to come. 

Survive-All…   Awareness is Preparedness… 

otterwalks:  25th August 2016  

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Emerald – Central Highlands HAARP/IRI Assault Follows Namoi – Blackjack Mountain Ring Event – Australia

Emerald, Australia follows Namoi – Blackjack Mountain in eastern Australian Plasmic Assault.

Censorship, Poor imaging systems, image timestamp occurring at a less than optimal point in the event; who is to say? It seems the two rings covered over 1.25 hours, with the larger ring, registering center at Emerald, peaking around 10:00 UTC/GMT. 

These are the few images from these Ionospheric Heater Rings available. It may be that the software programing of the actuarial data has begun to be upgraded and like other global locations, filters are being implemented. Censorship being an ever increasing tact. Among other potentials, especially Emerald – Central Highlands, Australia Radar may have imaged an end point fade, or a ping which was reconfigured, or not, its power boosted and its Beacon sent on a continued path of triangulation; that a bird in the hand for a future use or just R and D for The Algorithm. – ? 

This is, after-all, a Covert Agenda lacking transparency. This leaves researchers from the outside, only puzzle pieces. Dots to be collected and one day connected revealing the facts. 

This is a Future Weapons Arms Race…!  It is escalating exponentially and the Technology continues to negate data regarding its existence. 

Here is the same imagery program or the Beacon which is compatible with the imaging program used at Emerald. This is from the archives. The date and timestamp are visible, as is the central location; Emerald – Central Highlands.  

These are satellite and Google Spy car photographs of the Emerald Radome Tower. This is 9km east of Emerald, just off Capricorn Highway on Foleys Road.

Complete with an excited molecular atmospheric vault…

BoM refers to 67 Radome Towers in its interface. Be assured there are more. They are not stand alone towers lacking other component technology systems. This is one small piece of a growing compendium, systematically gathering data.

For your consideration… 

otterwalks:  20th August 2016 

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HAARP/IRI Rings – Adelaide and Namoi Ring Events Follow Escalating Namoi Operations

This is from 11th August 2016. Blackjack Mountain is in the upper right, Buckland is the larger Ring to the lower left. They are become constants. You will find Links and Categories that will take you to some small percentage of the events that are archived. The images tell the story. 

We are being Exterminated…!  It’s called Eugenics. It is Technocracy, the NWO, Psychopaths embedded as the Money Powers that aim to end life…! Call it Agenda 2030, call it any label, it is a Cancer upon the Earth…!

 So here starts Adelaide – Buckland, and Namoi – Blackjack Mountain, Australia. This covers only several days of the Assault on Australia…!  

Seems that everywhere you research, the filters fail to negate the Aerosols over water. I have little doubt that the areas over the land masses have been wiped. Any images from this time period would be inserted, should they exist. Though experience tells that the skies over this region were likely leadened given the massive dumping that is visible here. 

Namoi, earlier on the 11th – through the double ring assault…

Namoi after the Adelaide Ring…

BoM Australia Weather loop… One image per hour. The Aerosols are being sprayed in advance of the incoming Operation.

Blackjack Mountain continues to cycle this agenda of abhorrent plasmic radiants on the 12th August 2016. 

Developing: Links and further data will be added as it is formatted. 

For your consideration… 

otterwalks:  14th August 2016

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La Crosse Center of Continued Plasmic Assault – NEXRAD KARX Registers Center Local for HAARP/IRI – Ionospheric Heater Impact

The documentation confirms the La Crosse event lasted at least 1.25 hrs., when you look at the timestamps of all of the reporting return imagery. 

There must be a reason that this area continues to show these Synthetic Plasmic Waveforms as Future Weapons assaults and or experimentation continues. Granted this is one event carrying clues that it potentially lasted for six and one half hours. Censorship became obvious as site after site had less and less data. Countless forms of deletion were deployed. As each Radar network presents its own return imagery, parallel to the whole of the interfaced system, each also is programmed to take action when this type of event occurs. 

As this is an Arms race, – DEW -Directed Energy Weapons – are in continued experimental phase. They are constantly being BETA tested. The global network of Ionospheric Heaters has its components in use to run tests, collate data for their actuaries, compare frequency data from outgoing to return data; all of that and more are fed to The Algorithm. 

The High RF – EMF events that we see are rarities a growing number of filtered. There are months in the year that these systems do not work at their optimal potential. For now we are midway in the northern hemispheres optimal time frame for punching the Ionosphere using these arrays. There are doubtless, tens if not hundreds of impacts that occur globally, and we are not privy to these covert operations. 

They are outside of law. It’s basis is the backing of the same gun running profiteers that have create wars for profit over centuries. The names, the groups, topographic locations, all change as research proves. This does not discount their eventual intent. It comes under the umbrella of the label – Eugenics. Technocracy is the tool in use in our day. Disinformation, distraction,  False Flags, who’s life matters, – ? – divide and conquer; these are tools as well. Misinformation and lack of transparency evolve as this Arms Race continues.  

This is over forty annotated images and loops of the event that had it’s most powerful location, NEXRAD KARX – La Crosse, Wisconsin. This begins with the One Hour Precipitation Format. Remember that throughout this event the systems ran in clear air mode. Though some loops are run one minute between images, the standards being 5, 6, or 10 minute frames. All of the data herein has its timestamps and origins on the gifs or still frames. 

Digital Storm Total Precipitation Format… Most of the loops throughout have legends that show the frequencies that are registering, Each may vary in the breadth or type of spectrum recorded, and or the assigned color codes. There is no weather present…!

These are annotated stills from the Echo Tops Format. They do not show the Ring signature of this radiant at its peak.  They are put under the loupe annotation to show the area of most powerful radiation. The white at the top being the maximum registered by this system.

This is the same site’s Base Reflectivity – low trajectory – at 0.50 degrees…  

Hydrometeor Classification Format… As it sounds this is the attempt to tell the type and density of atmospheric particulates that are falling. There is much more to it, that is my shorthand take. Here, aside from the wiped frame/s this Is given to the – HR – color code on the legend. HR stands for Rain and Hail, neither of which was present at the time of the assault. The key is that it represents specific frequencies. As more data is collected an image of intent may reveal, with clarity, the intent of the frequencies being tested upon the unknowing citizenry. It is quoted thus:  Hydrometeor Classification -HC- is an – Algorithm – to identify the predominant hydrometeor in the radar beam. There are pre-defined categories recognized under this classification. Continued:  The Hydrometeor Classification should be used in conjunction with other data for proper interpretation, as it is an – Algorithm. Generally, as currently implemented, – The Algorithm – determines the type of hydrometeor, omitting information pertaining to the likelihood of other categories. 

So…!     It Decides…!

Digital VIL… 

UCAR single site return for KARX – La Crosse, WI…  

This is the CONUS2 Mosaic loop covering the published data.

These are satellite weather Enhanced IR loops that run one frame on the half hour. The third is an annotated single image.  

These are from the NIU Mosaic and individual State system…

This is the – New – High Res – ? – WRAD Massively filtered format. This was once one of the most revealing of networks. Now, it is among the least data that can be presented and still be called weather Radar.

UCAR Mosaic loop…  

Accuweather single site imagery…  

Now, this was interesting. These are from the NWS – National Weather System. This is within the hierarchy of the Radar information distribution pyramid. If something Covert is going down, this is the first to wipe the feed. Subsequently all other feeds that collect their data to process from here, begin the cascade of censorship.  

This is the current format choice list in use by Weather Underground. The degrees are the elevations that the Radar outbursts travel through. So, Base is closest to ground level returns. 3.35 degrees is used in – Base Reflectivity, and as well in – Storm Relative Mean Radial Velocity. The distance of the Range Rings also may vary, both here and on other networks. It is worthy of note that the Lasers that are in use, radiate 360 degrees around; then they escalate in their elevations. These are also outbursts that are spent 360 degrees around. The number of these interfaced installations work together using the overlapping data to create Mosaic imagery. Then as with KARX here, you have the single site returns.

Ending with Te Echo Tops Format…   

This is the NEXRAD 1km Mosaic format. There are two loops, one of the U.S.. The second is a Sector map, in this case it is the northern planes. This is called the Flanis..  

Last is another method used in censoring these Covert Operations. Other methods are visible in the above returns. This is just stopping the data stream. It says there is an issue with the site, yet all of the above, except CONUS2, were archived after this message was published.

So, it continues.      For your consideration…  

otterwalks:  9th August 2016

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IRI Ring Sign -Namoi Australia -Activity Increasing Over Six Day Period

Previously posted and subsequently confirmed, Namoi, Australia is the center registry of a continuing High RF Operation.  

This is some of the images with timestamps that show the increasing frequency which the installation and its interfaced network are imaging. First are images from the 30th July 2016.  1*   They are followed by photos of the – upgrade – of the Namoi installation. If there was a Radar system on Blackjack Mountain, it was removed or demolished. The new tech was then installed. It was first set in motion 13th September 2010 and online before October of 2011, if we are to believe the press releases.

Namoi is shown on the 31st July after the photos of the assembly of its tower. It has continues an increasing cycle which is also lasting for longer periods of time. This continues today, 1st August 2016. When formatted, those images will be added.  

images open source 2011 – likely BoM – Australia


Developing:   For your consideration…  

otterwalks:  1st July 2016

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La Crosse -WI Again Registers Ground Zero — KARX Shows Full HAARP/IRI Ring Diameter of Assault!

Under Development…

This is some of the images from the Ionospheric Heater – HAARP/IRI Ring event from the 28th July 2016. Links will eb added to recent events that registered center at this location. These are from NEXRAD -KARX – La Crosse, Wisconsin. 

In this evaluation, specific attention will be focused on the Hydrometeor Classification, its Algorithmic responses, and the color legend used in imagery. The echo Tops have been largely censored, but there are several loops that show just after the initial assault and the continued aftermath of excited atmospheric formations. More on all of this to come. For now here are the images for your viewing.     

This is the Hydrometeor Classification… More to come…

Here the Echo Tops is Censored. The second loops shows the aftermath of the Synthetic Plasmic Waveforms passage… This format is blank, as it should be, when there is no weather present. The view is from 70,000 feet at the center. The Rings should have been visible, but again, they have been wiped.

The NIU Radar returns show, as most do, only the most powerful radiants. These are the single frame that registered this event. The absence of the perimeter is due to the Ring having been  – Filtered. It is recognised by The Algorithm, then it is imaged using only the regions with the most powerful registration.

Las,t is from the UCAR System. This is a Mosaic image, the only one available, and it is only seen in this format. You will see the continuity of the central waveform…  

Until more can be edited in… For your consideration… 

There is a Future Weapons Arms Race and we are those that are being experimented upon. That, Outside of Law…!  

otterwalks:  29th July 2016

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Massive HAARP/IRI Ring Event Esperance-Australia – Following Six Weeks of Spiral Vortex Operations

Breaking:  La Crosse, WI has just registered a Full HAARP/IRI – Ionospheric Heater -Ring Event. Censorship has kicked in, but a 16 images from different formats have been archived… Developing… 

This is actually a far more complex Heater Operation than the this Ring event itself. This an Extremely powerful traverse of a Synthetic Plasmic Waveform. This passed through a region, Esperance being its center, which had undergone a primer function over more than a month. Esperance has, with cyclic regularity, created Outbursts which appear as Spiral Vortices. There will be a few examples after the images from this HAARP/IRI event in Esperance today.

I am fully confident that Esperance or the area to its west have been under regular Aerosol disbursal. A constant conductive field would be an aspect of this long run R and D. The efforts that have been made have gone to the continued excitement that is Radar Divisor Function, – the visual Spiral Vortex continuum – as such it is corrupted Tesla Mysticism, taken to extremes. Tesla patented the Scalar Bottle Complex, – or Box – stating that when lasers from different origins are sent forth with the intent of their collision, in space that that would in fact create an absence of matter: the Scalar Box Paradox. It was, and has continued to be a mainstay of Technocratic research since the technology became available. The curiosity which has driven this is one of multitudinousness potentials. Among them, but by no means a complete list are the search for contact with other dimensions, the creation of a portal through 4d and beyond, the faux Illuminati wish to use this technology to bring forth inter dimensional Beings; in short this is the stuff that science fiction has worked to propagate acclimation  to such potentials: and far, far, more… This becoming accustomed to new conditions is what DARPA and Technocratic efforts continue with all things Frequency. More specifically, to a Bernaysian methodology, ending in a mind controlled state, which lacks self examination through critical thought. This will be dealt with in more depth when the events of Esperance over the last five plus weeks is formatted and presented.

In summation… The Paradox comes to be as the absence of all matter, a void, must be something. Nothingness becomes something: it is Void, Yet that,  -IS…  The constant modulation, described thus: alteration of the amplitude or frequency of an electromagnetic wave or other oscillation in accordance with the variations of a second signal: such as the modulation of the ray amplitude will result in what researchers observe in the modulation of electrical conductance. So, in essence, we observe that we have an area which has been slowly bent toward the Void. This conditioning, upon reaching an apex which the Algorithm denotes is primed, then becomes ground zero for the inducted Synthetic Plasma which passes through the field with ease. RDF is the bending of Radar Radiants by the induction of one or more Laser Beacons through a Spiral Outburst. The linear path of the projected wheel or spokes of the Burst, having been impacted, move to a new pathway. This is the path of nature. It is The Path of Least Resistance. That which all Life follows, in a relative sense being free of entropic forces that create inertial blockades. 

This will be revisited and further extrapolated when the sister data is linked to this event. These are images of the HAARP/IRI – Ionospheric Heater Ring which impacted Esperance.  

Esperance Radar is not a single tower installation. It has numerous dishes, a Radome enclosed Radar system, and you will note the long shadows that are present in this interfaced Array network. There are all manor of dat collection systems and the tech continues to be upgraded in a constant refinement. This is all done by design. The disinformation regarding the imagery, from glitch to clutter and more, is part of the P.R. Propaganda Agenda that is in use. There are few Conspiracy Theories herein. There is the continued need the Evaluate the Conspiracies that are in play. This is The Future Weapons Arms Race…! It is Technocracies headlong race to M.A.D. !  

This is the look of the A.K.A. Weather Radar Towers that are being deployed across the Earth. Australia being of particular interest the T.P.T.B.

This is a short visual in which the induced Laser action can be seen in the returns. This is the look of the Operations that lead up to this Assault, Remember, we are not talking about Phased Array outgoing and returning data. This is incoming Synthetic Plasmic Radiation that has been bounced off of the Ionosphere. This is 3.1 Billion watts, or in this case likely more, inbound. Passing through all that is in its 3d path. It is Tomographic, penetrating the earth, exciting it’s subterranean molecular structure. 

This annotated image is from the 21st July. It shows the induced laser and Ring Sign to the Northwest.  

And some from the 27th July 2016…  

The events of Esperance are still in development. They will be extensive. There will be more information and a return to this dialogue as the day after day of events of the above nature are shown. Until then…

For your consideration… 

otterwalks:  28th July 2016

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HAARP/IRI Heater Ring – Confirmation – Namoi Australia – Not Moree as Suspected

Note: This was posted as having an unknown origin…

New South Wales has had an Ionospheric Heater Ring Register. Generically speaking, this is labeled a HAARP Ring. It is an impact of Synthetic Plasmic Energy. This Waveform appears to have registered center at Namoi, Australia’s Radar installation: part of the interfaced, undergoing upgrades, actuarial data collection system of – Radars – in Australia. 

The location of this Ring is somewhat elusive. Single site radars of the region do not show the event. Data appears very limited on this assault. Namoi – Blackjack Mountain, Australian Radar installation has been confirmed as the origin of this event. These are the images in gif format…  

The prior unconfirmed origin was center registry Moree, Australia. It is now confirmed to be Namoi as this event has again occurred and confirmation was made possible. 

When images of the upgraded Namoi installation become available, they will be added or changed out with the current images of Moree from the past.  otterwalks: Updated – 30th July 2016…  The new event at Namoi is still to come.

Here are a few images of the Moree Radar system..  

These are open sourced images which do not have an accompanying data. There are no timestamps or dates. These images to not appear to be of the technology in use at this time. For no thing there is no protective Radome shown. As with all existing BoM and U.S. over site installations, they are being upgraded, or that process has been completed regarding the evolution which the Technologic Orchestrators desire. 

 For now, the region of New South Wales is shown, and those in that region should be told they are being used in experimentation of the development of Future Weapons. That Radio Tomography Frequencies consisting of Synthetic Plamic, Radiant Waveforms, has Radiated them!  

Should more data surface, it will be added. If you have anything to ad in imagery or personal knowledge about the location involved, feel free to leave a note. Any current images of the Namoi installation could be telling.

For your consideration…

otterwalks:  27th July 2016

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Adelaide -Australia HAARP/IRI Ring

In the effort to catch up, here is an Ionospheric Heater Ring registry from Adelaide – Buckland, Australia. It is dated – 5th July 2016. These are some of the returns that show this continued experimentation – or – synthetic plasmic assault as Technocracy continues its Future Weapons Arms Race.  

The categories and tags will show more of this regions history in this Technocratic Death Cult move to refine these Waveforms. This is R and D at the expense of the populous. The health of all that lives is of – Zero – consequence to The Money Powers! This is another means of continuing the degradation of health and thereby propagating a belief that Corporate health care is both needed, and justified in all of its agendas actions.

Every effort made to progress by your own hands, to create a bounty, to live in good health, is under Attack…!  This is one of the proofs, that show of this Agenda at work, Here and Now…!

For your consideration…

otterwalks:  26th July 2016 

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AGAIN – KARX – La Crosse -WI Registers Center Location of a HAARP/IRI Assault

La Crosse, Wisconsin – Future Weapons Ground Zero Experimentation Site…!  

NEXRAD KARX… Again the center of a High Frequency Rf Pulse from an Ionospheric Heater. La Crosse, Wisconsin and seven surrounding states have been assaulted in whole or part by this passage of Synthetic Plasmic Waveform.  

Link to recent HAARP/IRI Ring event which shows the basic parameter or circumference of the region which was put under assault!

As always this was scrubbed quite rapidly from loops and archival data streams. There were a few rarities that were captured from sites that are among the first to begin censorship. 

This is the CoD Echo Tops return from near the end of this event. 

These were highly unusual to find up. They are from the NWS weather Radar site. That is essentially the starting point for Radar Return data distribution. If it is going to be censored, this is where it is first wiped from the feeds to all of the other networks.  

CONUS2 Mosaic..  

Weather Underground Returns – Most are blank as will be seen below… 

This is their version of Echo Tops…  

These are several of the type of negation engaged. There are many methodologies in use to the same ends.  

Updates when they are compiled… 

otterwalks:  23rd July 2016

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