Emerald -Central Highlands Ionospheric Heater Operation Continues -Passing Five Weeks -Continued Updates

Latest Update: 

The 28th saw no less than eight Ionospheric Heater Events. This still continues on the 29th.

Here is an image you should see. This is Emerald on the right, obviously, and Esperance continuing to refine a very likely future Operation.  

Thus far there have been four Ring Assaults on the 29th… More as the data reveals this ongoing Eugenics Agenda. 

As an aside, Back in the USA… NEXRAD KBLX – Billings, Montana has registered center a blended carrierwave Ionospheric Heater – HAARP/IRI – Ring! Only one site has exposed this event. All other Radar sites have wiped the time frames that are De facto confirmation of an eight hour Operation which clearly shows the implementation of a Weather Modification intent. More later…

Update: 28th November – 8:38 PM EST…  Today has seen no less than seven or eight Ring events register. One has lapsed over several timestamps and was impacting for a minimum of 1/2 hour. Likely, very likely, it ran closer to an hour. More on this data later…

Follow up: The bottom of this piece has frames added. They are the completed events recorded from the 27th November 2016. The Operation continues, now, the 28th November. You may note that all of the 27th’s Rings fall six minutes prior to the hour in this BoM imagery. It should also be noted that both Adelaide -Buckland Park and Esperance – a highly advanced installation – are beginning to appear in Radar returns with Ring and Spiral Vortex Operations respectively. More on that after data regarding the New Zealand EQ swarms and documentation showing multiple Rings Impacting the south Island, both in the days leading up to, and the day after the created event of note.

While this is not the first time this Ring type system has registered in the returns of Emerald -Central Highlands Radar, Australia, it is the longest run of modulated vector oscillations born of HAARP/IRI like technology. This Operation began with a regular daily series of Rings beginning in mid October, and it continues.

To be specific this continuum began it’s warm up phase – as you will see imagery later – on 17th October 2016. At least, that is the data I have been able to archive. It continued showing signs of adjustment on these days; the 20th, 24th, 25th, 28th, 30th, and 31st October 2016. Here is a Link to an earlier article on the Emerald Ring format agenda.  


The full on assault began 3rd November and has continued daily through this time, the 27th November. Updates will follow. 

The shear volume of images creates an issue in presentation. This will address the 25th November to the start of the 27th. The various Radar systems that are still operating with some form of transparency are showing images similar to those which follow. They have different time zone timestamps which aids in assessing the duration of each assault. For the most part they are lasting 10 to 15 minutes. There have been events where the impacting radiants have been scene to continue up to 1/2 hour. These daily archives show specific changes in format. Some of which is the power level which is registered. Mostly it is the timing of the Heater Impacts which change. They are running on similar timestamps by and large for a day or two. Then they will shift from, as example, on the hour to 1/2 passed the hour. Several days later it shifts to 24 minutes after the hour, then at 45 after the hour. Some days have 18 or 20 register, others have 6 or 7 Rings Impacting. Should you wish a specific date from this Operation, please feel free to make a request. For now they largely sit awaiting a time when they can be formatted for presentation. 

The 25th shows confirmation of the Rings Extreme Weather creation making it a prime and current run to show. These are single site returns at different Range Ring diameters. The timestamps are at the base.

Here is the Weather Underground site showing the timestamp of 20:50 UCT. Above, Bom Shows the Ring impact at 20:54 UTC. The next pair show the 21:50 UTC timestamp and 21:54 UTC can be seen above from BoM.  Given 20 minute loop imagery, you can begin to see the potential for these Rings lasting more the 4 minutes shown here.  

Here I am including prior or earlier returns to add further data. Below are returns from 11:50 GMT on the 25th November in the 256km range ring product. The zoom shows both interior central Rings and RDF – Radar Divisor Function. The major issue here is that this is not what Tesla had patented as the Scalar Bottle, also known as a Scalar Box. In that Epiphony. two Lasers intersect, that collision then creates a zone with a complete absence of All 3D matter. This point of collision and surrounding area, for simplicity in communication, becomes a Void. This raises the logical, questioning reasoning, that if it is now nothing, how is it to be conceived? This gave rise the to Scalar Bottle Paradox i.e. Nothing Must be Something… Hence, here we have the Scalar Bottle Mystic vision of Tesla being taken to a level far beyond his posit origins as stated in the patents. This is laser induction into  building, existing, impacting or fading Synthetic Plasmic Future Weapons. This aspect of the Operational R and D is visual as a reaction tracking toward the 10 o’clock position. You can see central rings begin to shift to curved outbursts aimed toward 10 o’clock.

Extreme Weather is apparent moving east around 3 o’clock.  There are numerous other potentials for R and D refinement and other agendas, not covered here, exist as well. They, well many of them, go to more esoteric, rather unprovable potentials. They reside in theory as potentials. Many are parallel to the CERN fringe thoughts and the dynamics in varied schools of  Physics. Something still too fuzzy to integrate here. The realities and the thought schools are encyclopedic. This is analysis of what is seen to be happening and imaged by this interfaced A.I. creation. That alone is more than most of us can wrap our heads around. It is another aspect which needs its own focused examination and I do have much to present regarding A.I..

This is the 128km product. This frame is timestamped 11:50 GMT, the same time as that of the ring assault. It is zoomed to the center of the ring, thus the bulk of the Waveform does not show. Here, in the central region you essentially have intrinsic sidelobe visuals. In Frequency beacons, spent EMF and returning Plasmic Waveforms there is a Leaching of Frequency or Plasmic Energy; it has a signature. It is the Entropic dissipation of Energy which resides beyond the template of all pulses, signals, Lasers, so on. Following the single frame is a zoom of the Extreme Weather beginning here at 12:00 GMT. Much Global Radar software programs have disabled broad Range Rings and or Mosaic imagery. This ends with the area of most power being registered as a HAARP/IRI event or Ionospheric Heater Event with no visible outer Ring Parameter showing. It is there, it is simple not being imaged in its entirety.    

These were a rarity. They are screenshot from WU showing the presence of the Emerald Ring in their single site Map of Australian Radar installations that they cover. That is, when censorship is not engaged… This shows 50 single site Radar installations which data is available from. During WW11 there were over 150 Radar sites across Australia. Many of those have been Upgraded as they say or closed. There remains airport Radars, satellite platforms, and various mobile Arrays which feed data into this imaging system. Obviously, we the populous of earth, are not privy to the data collection they functionally invest. 

17th October 2016…  

Moving into the 26th at 05:54 UTC and 05:50 GMT… UTC, GMT, and Z are the same time zones…  

WU at 05:50 UTC, followed by a surrounding loop…   

Note, this is listed as EST, Australian time. Eastern Standard Time – U.S. East coast time – as well as EDT – Eastern daylight Time – both equals GMT or UTC -4 hours. So, this return showing a Ring at 16:00 EST is actually the same event as the above shown at 11:50 GMT. So, there you have evidence that the Ring existed for ten minutes and there exists undocumented time prior to and after these timestamps which remain as unknowns. Was the Ring a longer Assault?

Same Ring again… This time the single site zoom in different product modes, showing 15:50 EST.

Between what has been stated above and the listed link, further statements are not needed to detail further. The data is in the Timestamps and legends.   

Same event as above, timestamped 00:00 EST…

And here we begin to see Ionospheric Heater activity continue into the 27th November.

The Update on the activity of the 27th November shows that five ring events registered, that we know of, on Radar.  

So, there you have a glimpse of over five plus weeks of a Future Weapon Operation which continues even now…! 

You may come upon the standard spin about ground clutter, snow rings, insects, birds, bats, and their favorite go to; a Glitch in the System. 

Now… Do you think for an instant that these Global Arrays, in their myriad forms, are going to be left in a state of needed maintenance? Yes, at times there will be a notice that a site is closed for maintenance. That generally happens when an event is occurring. It’s one of the formats used to negate data and or wipe the return in the end. 

There are experts onsite or near enough to have addressed – a glitch – in that period of time! I guarantee you…! This is evidence of an escalation in a Future Weapons Arms Race! We get little coverage of this overall and much of what is viewed is wiped prior to its being fully archived. It is Global in its scope and it ties directly to the GeoEngineering Aerosol Agenda. This is the Technocratic Agenda, born of The Money Powers, that Shadow Government spins a M.A.D. assault upon life on earth. 

We Are Being Exterminated…!  

otterwalks:  27th November 2016     Survive-All…    Awareness is Preparedness… 

Until a return to this Operation…   o…

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Methane Plume Seen on Radar Returns Moving NW from Offshore SW of San Francisco Moving Toward Reno, Nevada

Methane deposits are abundant on the continental margin of the Pacific Northwest coast as more methane is seen being released southward. It is calculated that warming at this depth would theoretically destabilize methane deposits on the Cascadia subduction zone, which runs from northern California to Vancouver Island, as well as other areas heading southward along the west coast. The Ring of Fire, with its Geologic processes, is one action which creates fissures allowing this type of release. Other potential Action/Reaction, Cause and Effect potentials, will be addressed here.

Here is a Link with more links to foundational research on the Methane GHG Issue. Methane is roughly thirty times more potent than CO2 as a heat trapping gas. There have been numerous Global Extinction Events over Earth’s history. Methane has been a culprit, the primary cause, in several of these events.  


The Pacific Ocean’s cold temperatures, the presence of the subsequent high pressures that are present, created a state which holds methane gas in the seafloor sediments. This once stable methane formed a crystal lattice structure with water, resulting in an icelike solid, called methane hydrate. Methane Hydrate is unstable and sensitive to changes in temperature. When the ocean, or regions below warm, the hydrate crystals dissociate and methane gas leaks into the sediment. Some of that gas escapes from the sediments bubbling up most often. At times a massive release will create a plume such as this.  

This is not the first – Plume Anomaly – which has been presented on Radar. When it turns up, I’ll add the link to the volcanic plume which originated out of the area southwest of Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico. It was seen to travel NW through Amarillo and on to Oklahoma before it disappeared from Radar. Link to New Mexico Plume…


These are linear loops of this current event as they were first seen on Radar.  

Double checking this oddity, these Intellicast returns quickly confirmed this Plume Event. Here, the NEXRAD single site Radar installation, KMUX – San Francisco, CA images the plume event. The plume was released offshore to the southwest.

Next, as it traveled NW, NEXRAD KDAX designated Sacramento, CA picks up the plume. The legend shows the induction of High RF Frequency which may have aided in its disbursal. It also may be that It thinned to a point that Radar returns no longer showed it as the concentrated mass it had been. 

Imagine this floating in the atmosphere at the altitude most used by commercial air traffic. Do you think something might have happened between 20 and 30,00 foot when a jet flew through a massive cloud of Methane?

Looking at the satellite imagery in comparison with the first hints of the plume returned these areas as the origin of this release. 

This is an IR image of the methane release that occurred inland at Aliso Canyon, CA near Los Angeles. The links are numerous. It continued for sixteen weeks. I don’t like the sources that are turning up in researching a good link for here, so I’ll let you do your own investigations.  

Granted this type of release can and does happen in nature over time naturally. Another issue is the uptake in Future Weapons A.K.A. Frequency Weapons deployment.

Decades of Frequency and Synthetic Plasmic experimentations, have through the action of Radio Tomography, enhanced this potentially natural destabilization of the offshore stable methane deposits. Like a Microwave oven on a small scale, frequency penetration of Future Weapons Technology excites the structure of these depths with a heating action. Cause and effect… Action  begetting reaction. We are witness to the release of relatively permanently bound methane as the effect or reaction to the enhanced heating of once stable regions.     

Here, an hour is wiped from the loop…

This is the first hint of the plumes origin… This is CoD – NEXRAD KMUX from what is known as the Base Reflectivity Product. It is imaged at a 0.5 degree angle.

This is the KMUX Storm Relative Velocity Product return from CoD.     

Here is KDAX in the Echo Tops Format. This legend shows elevations as well as frequency. 

Then Gone…!  

Back to the Northwest traverse… Continuing with a return to the Base Reflectivity, here from NEXRAD KDAX – Sacramento, CA.. Yes, that orange/yellow region is the site of the Rancho Seco Nuclear Generating Station. It is a decommissioned nuclear power plant built by the Sacramento Municipal Utility District – SMUD – in Herald, California. There is at least one article here that addresses the reason it is showing on Radar. Radiation…! It always appears for that basic reason. Here is a Link from 17th April 2015. You will see that nothing has changed…  Note: The next two loops have been wiped and replaced several times. So, here you have them – again…


KDAX Storm Relative Velocity Product…  

Above, as always, you can see that there is RF present that is so high that it is off of the chart! The legend has no magenta or purple color notation. This is more evidence of the induction used to minimally change the density and more likely negate this explosive plume as it rises and moves toward Reno from its offshore beginning. 

This event has seen four days of intense research. A dust cloud has been ruled out as it came from the depths of the Pacific. It is a gaseous cloud; a Plume. It is rising as it moves inland from its origin. There are known deposits of Methane trapped off of the west coast of the U.S.. It’s formation was hit through the process of RF/EMF induction as it’s elevation reached the altitudes in use by jetliners. Conclusion…

All in all, the evidence is overwhelming that this was a Methane Plume. Frequency Weapons Experimentation are largely suspect in the Global Methane Release increase. Hence, a specific cause and effect exists that may well have had a heavy hand in its issuance. 

There is a Global Future Weapons Arms Race being pursued at this time and it is escalating. The Arctic subterranean thaw which has brought forth the massive growing Methane release from deep permafrost beds may in fact be in a feedback loop. Directed Energy Weapons testing must be shelved until a time that these co-opted Mystic Tesla visions can be put to use for their origins intent; the use of Free Point Energy. This is the true path to a Real Sustainability regarding Energy Futures.

otterwalks:  22nd November 2016  

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Ozone Negation -A Confluence of Eugenics Agendas

Evidentiary imagery of the Northern Hemispheric Migration of the Technocratic Assault on life as it Migrates from the Polar Region, Toward the Equatorial Belt.  

Images from China, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, the U.S. from Colorado to Texas and more are not included here. There was a time that finding an image of PSC’s was rare. That has changed, and with good reason. We are witness to the devolution of earth’s life forms as we know them today. Radiation… Frequency, is exponentially reverting the planet to a highly radiated, non-sustainable Terra Firma…!

Here is the chemical reaction of Ozone Negation as it occurs. They were first called PSC – Polar Stratospheric Clouds. That name was subsequently softened to Nacreous Clouds from the Latin in subsequently recent label changes. Now, they have been further – softened -and are referred to as – Mother of Pearl Clouds. We are left with titles for postcards documenting the Global Agenda which should headline our news, thoughts, and actions…!  Would you tout the beauty of a nuclear blast, something as personal as skin cancer, the massive tree die off which you doubtless see around you? No, you would not!  Continued documentation of these reactions is a must, as is the correct understanding of the processes being witnessed.

Please note the image capture of stratospheric aerosol disbursal in elevations above this Nacreous labeled chemical reaction. That tanker is above 70,000′ where it is working in chorus, creating a conductive atmospheric field, awaiting induction of Plasmic Waveforms. They, the aerosols, are the set up. The catalyst which begins the chemical reaction, which is Ozone Negation by design, is Algorithmically sequenced. The reaction begun, Ozone is thinned begetting a gateway for the entrance of UV Radiation. This is the critical, largely unspoken, reality which is forefront in the Depopulation agenda. This is global Eugenics in action…!

PSC’s over Scotland 2016…

This is the action which has given rise to the increase of UV Radiation in our environment. Levels of UV A – B – and Deadly C are skyrocketing. This is in NO WAY a good event. Once they were limited to Polar regions, hence the original name given by the British Antarctic Survey half a century ago. 

PSC’s Teesdale, United Kingdom…

Their existence, is do to a specific agenda. PSCs are made up of nitric acid and water crystals, they sequester oxides of nitrogen -as nitric acid- which reacts with chlorine monoxide to form the chlorine nitrate. This reaction releases molecular chlorine into the stratosphere. The chlorine reservoir is depleted or removed, then chlorine radicals enter into the catalytic destruction of ozone. The Ozone layer is the firmament that protect Earth from Solar Radiation.   

The image below has this notation. It was an open source image as are all of those within this article. 

Quote: A single chlorine atom is capable of destroying thousands of Ozone Molecules, meaning chlorine is able to decimate parts of the Ozone Layer. Lancaster University’s Aurorawatch UK said it had received reports of the aurora borealis. But conditions have not been right for the aurora, leading experts to believe people have been mistaking the Northern Lights for Nacreous Clouds – shown… 

PSC’s as seen from Lancaster, United Kingdom…

The continued GeoEngineering of the Polar regions combined with the induced Synthetic Plasma created by the Future Weapons Arms Race Tech is creating a migration of documented PSC’s moving toward the equatorial belt. 

Edinburgh, with horizontal trail leading right, above trees, under bird in flight.

This has given rise to the Glare Effect, the mass die off of vegetation, increased skin cancers, increased respiratory illness, lowered sperm counts, and the list continues along the same lines that you would find in statistics regarding Radiation. 

Saltburn by The Sea, just north of Yorkshire, eastern coast – UK…

Following are more images. Their locations and dates will be listed at the bottom. This will be number one for reference purposes.  

1 – Whitley Bay Northumberland, uk – 2016…                                                    

2 – County Durham, United Kingdom…                                                             

3 – Copt Hill Barrow Houghton Le Spring, Scotland…            

4 – Edinburgh -Chlorine gas depletes ozone…                                                  

5 thru 9 – Norway 2016…                                                                                      

10 – Finland – 2016…    

This is a small presentation from the North. This is one of many links which will take you further. From the Antarctic, with its many Ionospheric Heater Installations like McMurdo Station, through imagery from the past, gleaned over the years.

Link:  https://otterwalks.wordpress.com/2014/11/26/antarctic-ozone-depletion-agenda-_geoengineering-and-electromagnetics_the-evidence_a-beginning/                 

The end all is this… We are being Exterminated…!  These are no lovely postcard images. They are harbingers of Death! 

otterwalks:  24th August 2016 – Date of original writing of piece. Put to WordPress on 16th November 2016                Survive-All…  Awareness is Preparedness…

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Iceland Radiated by Future Weapons Tech for Their Continued Challenge of The Money Powers – Ionospheric Heater Onslaught Continues

The Synthetic Energy of Future Weapons Technology assails Free Nation State… The Radiant Assault upon Iceland Continues without end…! This is data that begins on the eleventh October 2016. At this point, the coverage will flow through the twenty first. There is overwhelming data to view and here it starts with the NEWS of yet another four corrupt Bankers being convicted and jailed in Reykjavik, Iceland. Here is a Link to a prior Iceland Article. It has a link which links to further data.  


This is an excerpt from Iceland Magazine. The link will follow…


Now… As previously reported, with the incarceration of the latest Bankers has come a continuum of co-opted Tesla Waveforms. This saturation, born of Ionospheric Heater/s created by the Psychopathic Agenda of The Technocratic Overlords…! It has been said before… This is an active Volcanic region. It is a Sovereign Nation State and it has the right of the people to be free. Free from corruption, Globalization, and the Eugenics plan that the entire World now faces…! 

Continuing into the twelfth October 2016… 

You have seen enough Ring sign, enough subtle visuals, that you will see this presence in these loops. It is hard to say just what altitudes these returns are imaged from. It may be one product – as is said – or it may be a Mosaic or compression of multiple layers of data. These are from the fifthteenth October 2016…  

Here is a single frame image from late on the fifthteenth at 20:00 UTC…

Returns from the sixteenth…  

Eighteenth October 2016 example…  

Next the nineteenth…    

Examples from the twentieth October…   

Twentyfirst October examples…   

So, here we are on the 28th October 2016, and you can believe that Iceland has other locations which have no Radar Returns showing the facts of those regions. 

These have the direct relationship of the Justice System that has now put twentysix Bankers behind bars…!  Bravo Iceland…!  

Know that there are persons and places around the globe that are becoming aware of your efforts. That you are a model and leader for the change which will come. Our thoughts and best efforts are with you. 


otterwalks:  28th October 2016

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HAARP/IRI Assault -NEXRAD KSRX Little Rock -Arkansas Center

Developing: Too much archived and too little time…

This was a recent assault on the peoples of Little Rock, Arkansas. While NEXRAD registers its center at the KSRX installation, The Conus Mosaics show it is not an Outburst. The Echo Tops are always telling. They segregate generated Bursts or Phased Array Pulses from incoming High RF, Plasmic Radio Tomography. The short of it is that this – Wheel – Event is a HAARP/IRI or Ionospheric Heater Ring Impacting. This goes on for over four hours. 

You have heard it before, so the images will tell the story. There are several hundred to format and There are multi rings to present besides. Among them are Iceland, which has been nonstop. My thoughts are the jailing of the last four Bankers. Norway, Ireland, no less than five regions in Australia, and here in the U.S. there has been activity in Boston, Columbus, Jacksonville, Amarillo, Wichita, Dodge City, Holloman -AFB and more. The Antarctic is showing activity as is the southern tier of Canada. You get the picture. The Technocratic Future Weapons Arms Race is in high gear.  

As always the censorship kicks in. Quote: Radar Down For Maintenance…

Here is an Echo Tops view. This view is from above NEXRAD’s basic functions. This is Stratospheric Registry from 70,000′. 

There is a start. 3.1 Billion or more Watts of power sent to rebound off of the Ionosphere and impact radiation, passing through all that is in its path. More to be added in both imagery and commentary. 

otterwalks:  26th October 2016

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Yarrawonga Ring Largely Wiped Follows Giles -Ring’s Days of Build Up -With Emerald -Central Highlands HAARP/IRI – Ionospheric Heater Experimentation – Ground Zero Australia

Developing:  Global Heater Activity Accelerates 

Returning from tech issues and it seems there is far more to present than past timelines would have one think. Generally speaking there is a seasonal change which brings about the increase in the Technocratic Future Weapons Operations. There is a constant; the switch from Arctic to Antarctic in seasonal processions. The explanation is that the EM Field of Earth is at an optimized tilt to enhance the generation of these events, covered herein, in general. As almost always this is being shorthanded in its explanation. Later some images will be added that will give visual clarity to these statements.  

At this time, the point which I believe will become ever more a talking point is that it seems highly likely that advancements in Frequency Weaponization have come to a point where the perigee and apogee are become irrelevant. The Actuarial feeds have fed enough data to The Algorithm that new pathways have streamlined the prior need to make use of Global positioning. This too will be returned to and further discussion on A.I., optimal array generation timelines, the uptake in Synthetic Plasmic Assaults, and their breadth globally, will all be articulated. 

These, for lack of better wording, are my edified Posits. They are – or will be – presented based on decades of personal experience and the inundation of data that, despite censorship, is revealing a continuum of Global activity. There are also GeoPolitical aspects I believe pertinent and which will remain covert in many locations being used in this Arms Race. The issue of Methane release, Extreme Weather from drought to floods, Radio Tomographic repercussions – which we will see as time passes, and a key Operation largely overlooked; Ozone Negation which has direct ties to the admitted GeoEngineering Agenda are also being processed. That is naming only a few of the panoply of issues that this Agenda foments. Nothing goes unused in this Eugenics, Technocratic Experimentation; there are no failures…! 

Now… Here we are looking at Giles, Australia presenting, what for ease in description is showing a speckled Ring. The Spin that is often heard on State Run Meteorologic Weather reports, blog posts to Weather sites, and – Wikipedia – like statements of fact, is that this is a snow ring. Giles has been undergoing upgrades to its installation for years. Over the last months there have been constant hints that something was coming. Prior to the events you are about to see, Giles was actively oscillating amplitude, modulation, vector magnitude – and here the tech words stop – as waveform frequencies grew to be constants approaching an equilibrium of the value of the first vibrational attainment; the perfection sought by A.I. 

The images will be telling. The Giles – Snow – Ring, Yarrawonga, and the continued Emerald -Central Highlands Ring that continue to assail the Australian populous, it’s lands, and all life forms as they exist at this time. Australia is not alone as a Proving Ground. There are many more Events in the Archive to bring forth,

This is a full page image of the ring at Yarrawonga. This is the 512km range ring format. Details regarding the varied frequencies are open sourced, appearing on the right. This does not mean that – All – of the carrier waves are represented, but they can, to a degree, be postulated.  Here is the 04:15 GMT – UTC – Timestamp…

Australia’s BoM Interfaced Radar Network has begun the same censorship that is frequently evident in other Global returns which show this M.A.D. experimentation. In the upper right is the frame number. The loops which have been put to gif format are in that linear numerological format. The Timestamps are in the lower left corner. They will show the areas that have been wiped. It is likely that this event continued for at least four hours. It is possible that it had a longer duration as the timestamps given will show such a potential. 

Here is a 512km return showing the Emerald Ring…  

This next frame shows a Timestamp of 05:46 GMT. It is the next image of Yarrawonga after the Ring event shown above. That is a one and one quarter hour absence in the timeline. From the earlier 04:12 UTC time, we are seeing a potential for over 1.5 hrs.missing after the apparent first registration.

Computer glitch… This image is an overlay without the background image of Australia. It appeared on the desktop when shutting down the device… ? I thought I would share it with you. If you drag the images from BoM Radar Returns, when you put them to GIF, the overlay is given a black background. This is a fluke…

Timestamp: 00:49 GMT 13th October 2016, in the 256km imagery… All images prior to the 04:15 GMT Event shown on this site are chronologically the same. This is likely the – potential – frame before the Yarrawonga Ring began. It is the numbered frame that was in the loop and there is a three hour and thirty four minute wipe of data… That wiped data preceded the Ring Image which is shown at 04:15 GMT on this site. Thus far the evidence points to a six hour impact, not the 12 to 20 minute event shown. This statement is based on De facto Logic. The frames are missing with no real reason for the ten minute spaces that make up the Radar single site returns.

Continuing with the 256km format…  

256km full page image…  

128km format…  

64km format…  

This is another product, it is the Doppler Wind Data Loop at 128km. This event occurred, not at the time of the Ring as presented, but at 06:13 GMT, basically, two hours after the Yarrawonga Ring is imaged.

Now, here we see new relevant information regarding the structure of the loop programs. We have seen over 4.5 hours prior to the Ring wiped and another 1.5 hours after. This brings forward the potential that there was a six hour Ring at Yarrawonga. Below is a loop of the frames as they were produced in the loop string. The numbers are in the upper left. The image above is number 39 of 92, appearing as 39/92. At the end of these nine images, the standard ten minute loop returns as the censorship ends. This is the list of Timestamps as they appear through this area of the format loop. All are listed in GMT…   1 – 21:43 GMT on the 12th  2 – 05:53  3 – 05:57  4 – 06:03  5 – 0613  6 – 0648  7 – 0703  8 – 0713  9 – 0723…  This is a total of at least 9.5 hours of lapsed time where forty – or more – frames should exist, rather than these seven frames – conservatively speaking…! 

Finally, this is the one image of the Yarrawonga Radar Tower that has turned up in research. It is labeled  – The Two Towers of Yarrawonga. It is of the same external visual structure of the Serpentine Radar Installation which can be found under the Links to Serpentine, Australia. The research and past events are here, there is much to catch up on and there is much data coming much data is coming.   

otterwalks:  15th October 2016 

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Hofn, – or a Nearby Installation – Images Eastern Icelandic HAARP/IRI Assault – Followed by Shift to The SW With Keflavik Ring Impact

Hofn, Iceland located on the central eastern seaboard has had another multi-hour IRI assault…! This Ring Event is located seemingly inland of the once U.S. run Hofn, Iceland air-base – H-3… It now appears to be under the auspices of the U.N., if research is factual? The first image is unique to all images that have been presented previously.  1*   This is a peak High RF, – transformed to synthetic plasma having been rebounded off of the Ionosphere at least once – ELF -VLF -ULF – ? captured at the moment of it’s impacting. 

Here are linear timestamp image loops of ten frames that cover 13 hours. The event clearly continues from 30th September at 08:30 through 21:30. It is continuous for at least thirteen hours. After that Operation, the focus is shifted to the SW of Iceland…

East Iceland single site Radar Return shows a sizable circumferential range ring capture. As these open source loops run at one image every fifteen minutes, with any nanosecond having the potential to contain an image to present, this is either a flaw in the system or this diametric spread in width which lingered… Something had to be put to frame, or the loop need be wiped of the time frame coverage. 

This last loop is included to show the fade of the event. The Ring imagery does not need specific weather patterns moving through the region to appear. The Ring Impacts may be highlighted by atmospheric conditions. Rings are visual data specific to timestamped events. 

These are two old maps of the air defence system set up by the U.S.. Six are shown. Five are said to be operational. All have been handed over to NATO oversight; if there is truth in what research turns up? 

An issue comes up regarding the center of the Ring and the closest Radar Array system. The maps and satellite imagery show – H-3 – Hofn  AFS to the southwest of the location that must house instrumentation created for actuarial data collection. 

Intrapulse phase coding, digital pulse compression, Doppler integration data acquisition, all act to control signal processing, display return imagery, including storage and automatic data analysis functions.

Note: This is the homepage for SSL – UML Space Science Lab…

Giro is potentially out of date. More likely it does not notate all instrumentation locations. Then there is the very real potential that East Iceland’s data collection ground systems are in place, recording and passing the actuarial data to the Algorithm. The potential also exists that this data has been collected and formatted by mobile land based systems. It does seem to be consistent in it’s location over time, it should be noted.

otterwalks:  2nd October 2016b 

The shift to the southwest of Iceland. There is some overlap in these assaults!

                The 2nd October, moving into the 3rd…   

This round, The assault has moved to Keflavik, Iceland in the southwest region… 

1*   Link:  https://otterwalks.wordpress.com/2016/09/19/keflavik-a-key-assault-that-threatens-life-globally-ionospheric-heater-assault-again-become-visible-in-returns/ 

Numerous links to further research and archived data at the above Link…

otterwalks:  3rd October 2016

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Darwin -Berrimah -Australia -HAARP/IRI Ring With Recent Heater Events

This is about recent Ionospheric Heater and Interfaced Radar Outbursts which have been quite frequent in Australia of late. The unique curvature and the form seen in the Darwin Ring, and the frequencies denoted by the image colors are the focus of this data. After the beginning loop, which covers archived events from over the last three days, there is an annotated detail image and some single site images. They are shown with the relevant data regarding their formats. 

Doubtless you have noted the unique stature of this image representation. Not having the streaming return data, in nano-timed segments, leaves much open to speculation. For the moment it demands further study and any other statements would be speculative. It does give some clues as to the construct of the beacons frequencies and the Waveform is telling of itself. There are also induced Laser bursts imaged passing through the impacting Plasmic Radiant. This is likely the reason for the curvature seen with this Rings Form. This is likely a highly refined R and D Experimentation. It seems Scalar in the Pi value this creation presents. It however is not simply Tesla Scalar Bottle Paradox. It is leagues ahead; a Technocratic or A.I. Leap. Wheels have been seen, both from ground based Outbursts and Ring registries that image showing this changing movement of a once stable Waveform. When hit with secondary Laser Induction once straight outward radiants curve; this due to the excitement of the constant. the alleviation of the cutting linear laser pulse/s will turn, moving to a path of least resistance. Again, this is speculative at this time. It is founded on sound data as is available, but that data falls short in revealing an actuarial totality at this moment. It will be returned to if or when it is deciphered. 

To the East is Emerald – Central Highlands where for weeks there has been Ring activity. Darwin -Berrimah Radar is to the north and the southwest spiral is the Esperance Radar beginning a new operation. Esperance seems to be constructed specific to a parallel operation which goes to ground based interfaced multi laser induction impacting wheel like radiants. Again this is advanced beyond the simplistic collision of two ground based lasers that Tesla put forth in his Visionary work on the Scalar Waveforms creation and the resultant paradox; the absence of all matter.Therein lies the paradox. The absence of matter, the creation of a Void, necessitates that the presence of Nothing, Logically demands it be something. Hence, The Scalar Bottle Paradox…

There is so much global activity that I cannot present it. It is fair to say that the Future Weapons Arms Race is in high gear. That the experimentation being carried out on life on Earth has accelerated and continues to do so. That said, here are some images to ponder. 

This is the single site image at 512km… 



For your consideration…  

otterwalks:  27th September 2016

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Camano Island -Washington – NEXRAD KATX Registers Center for HAARP/IRI Ring

KATX shows this Ionospheric Heater Ring Event running for 3/4 of an hour. During that timeframe – All – other Real Time Radar Feeds Censored the Assault…!

Only the CONUS2 – Merged Reflectivity Composite Mosaic Feed imaged the impact. The CoD feeds usually have a few of their format options showing at least the start and finish of one of these Radiant, Synthetic Plasmic Operations. NADA! Here are the images. They tell the story. The only point to add is the Echo Tops format. It did not show within the timestamps that are in the loop below. However, Over the prior eight hours there is clear evidence of ring sign. Most feeds just stopped prior to when CONUS2 began to present images of the Ring.  

This appeared across all formats of the NWS Radar returns. As they are the All-Seeing Overviewer of these Covert Waveform, Future Weapons experimentations, they shut down first. Then all other sites are left voided by this the data negation. The cascade of censorship spreads throughout all of the Radar networks.  

Weather Underground stopped its imagery over 1/2 day earlier! 

UCAR’s timestamp – a  blank – return at the same time as the event is being imaged. This is a constant through most of the outlets. That is true transparency… Said with a healthy dose of sarcasm…!  Seeing Nothing is a De facto confirmation.

Same… The timestamp runs… The images are wiped!

US3Comp single frame CONUS image lacks the ring despite the exact same timestamp.  

That’s the story, on and on. Same time, yet nothing to see! The one tell of the true duration of this event is found in the few systems that have both long archives of image frames, Echo Tops, and or Hydrometeor Formats. Other than that, This is largely a story of a long run Ionospheric Heater Assault which some few images slipped through on one of the Radar feeds. Likely a software or satellite glitch. At least as far as The Powers That Be are concerned. 

otterwalk:  22nd September 2016

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Keflavik – A Key Assault that Threatens Life Globally – Ionospheric Heater Assault Again Become Visible in Returns

Prelude – Past events from August 2016 exposed… A long presentation with at least nine Links, leading to countless other avenues of research information, and recent Ionospheric Heater Assaults upon Iceland. As well, the Methane release uptake; is it a Feedback loop? Last is a starter link to grip the interfaced agenda Nacreous Clouds expose: Ozone Negation by Design…!

First: 8th August 2016 was located buried and neglected – this was added just prior to publication… This is the day prior to the main article as  it was written for publication. Many Links have been added below for referenced study.  Follows are loops of varied lengths. They are formatted to sizes that work within the parameters of the systems function. The Timestamp and date are visible on these short chronologically ordered loops. The last being the longest covering near twenty straight hours of assailment! 

The constant Assault on Iceland – is seen in the links below – seemed to have ebbed. The long running, abhorrent, Manmade Radiant experiments Impacting Iceland seemed through. They have again begun to appear on returns. As there is incomplete coverage of this Sovereign Nation State, that statement must reflect the potential that the Operations had simply moved to regions that do not show the Ring activity. 

The main issues for me as I see it include but are not limited to these points.

This is a highly active Geothermal region and it is being hit with Radio Tomographic Waveforms. That is clearly going to excite the molecular, foundational subterranean structure of this land mass. 

It naturally carries the same issues that all areas hit by this Future Weaponization do. Among them, the accelerated entropic dissolution of all life forms and new potential action – reaction events, not active until recent decades After these first loops, another issue at hand is evidenced in images of the arctic methane releases. Many researchers have come to believe this thawing of deep permafrost and its subsequent release of frozen, stable methane has reached the point of becoming a feedback loop. This is not limited to the polar regions. It is seen in ponds, swamps, lakes, sinkholes, so on, bubbling up from once stable regions below.  More on that issue below.

It seems very apparent that this assault is War upon Iceland for their Geopolitical Stance, both in the past and continuing. I’m not there, but I get enough intell to see that the Icelandic Peoples have their eyes open and that just does not work for the NWO.

After what seemed a pause in the Heater penetrant constant, these were seen centered around Keflavik, Iceland on the 26th August 2016. They are 10 frame loops to keep the size up for viewing, They run on fifteen minute intervals – four images per hour…

Moving into the 27th August 2016…

After an apparent cessation, here are the hints of a renewed uptake which is faintly visible, but the prior imagery should allow the visual reality to be seen… This is subtle, it is from the 17th September 2016…  

Iceland really needs to put NATO and the U.S./Offshore based Corporate Military Complex in its place. That would mean some kind of response to the War which is upon their homeland. It continues unseen. It is undetected by our basic senses, yet it continues, it exists nonetheless. Transparency.  The access to the data stream from  the Induction Magnetometer would expose the varied frequencies from these generated ULF pulses and their changed return Waveforms. The signal amplitude, with a spectral analysis, serves to expose their existence, their passage, duration, and composition. 

Inserted Historic Data Snippets Follow…

Among Bernard Eastlund’s Patents, revised applications of Tesla-esc  Mystic Visions put to patent, and then appropriated through the patent system format, or the outright theft of Teslas and others visions and research.In one of the Eastlund Patents – ? – reference relativistic particle plasma, electromagnetic radiation, induced nuclear reactions, et al are extolled, as is their posited applications.  

It contains – descriptions explaining – that by changing the frequency of the circular polarization, a vertical curtain of extremely fast particles can be made to drop down from the magnetosphere to just above the top of the atmosphere along the direction which the HAARP, now IRI.- in this case – signal is sent. 

About 1995 a number of Ionospheric Research Physicists studying particles coming from the sun, noticed the height of the particles above the earth’s surface bouncing back and forth from pole to pole was dependent on their velocity. By slowing the particles down the racing electrons and protons in the magnetosphere would drop down from several thousand miles to almost the top of the atmosphere about 20 to 50 miles above the surface. 1*

The constant Assault on Iceland seemed to have ebbed. The long running Manmade abhorrent Radiant experiments Impacting Iceland have again begun to appear on returns. As there is incomplete coverage of this Sovereign Nation State, that statement must reflect the potential that the Operations have simply moved to regions that do not show the Ring activity. 

The main issues for me as I see it include but are not limited to these points.

This is a highly active Geothermal region and it is being hit with Radio Tomographic Waveforms. That is clearly going to excite the molecular, foundational subterranean structure of this land mass. Iceland is a natural laboratory for many different geologic features. Iceland has at least 25 types of igneous rock within its makeup. The composition of those rocks include conductive metals. Cu, Zn, and Fe sulfides, Au, Ag, Pb, are among those that turn up in research. This is a quick link to  view Iceland overall and the Reykjavik area itself. I do not know this source. It doe have an ordered, brief synopsis of Icelandic Geology. In short, it appears to be devoid of an agenda.


It naturally carries the same issues that all areas hit by this Future Weaponization do. Among them, the accelerated entropic dissolution of all life forms and new potential action – reaction events not active until recent decades.  After these first loops, another issue at hand is evidenced in images of the arctic methane releases. Many researchers have come to believe this thawing of deep permafrost and its subsequent release of frozen, stable methane has reached the point of becoming a feedback loop. This is not limited to the polar regions. It is seen in ponds, swamps, lakes, sinkholes, so on, bubbling up from once stable regions below. It is noted that some decaying plant biomass will create a small amount of Methane offgassing.  More on the uptake of the Methane release issue below.

It seems very apparent that this assault is War upon Iceland for their GeoPolitical Stance, both in the past and continuing. I’m not on site, but I get enough intell to see that the Icelandic Peoples have their eyes open, and that just does not work for the NWO.

After what seemed a pause in the Heater penetrant constant, these were seen centered around Keflavik, Iceland on the 26th August 2016. They are 10 frame loops to keep the size up for viewing, They run on fifteen minute intervals – four images per hour. First is a single frame from about three hours into this Low Frequency, Radio Tomographic, Synthetic Plasmic Radiant Event…

After an apparent cessation, here are the hints of a renewed uptake which is faintly visible… 17th September 2016

Like the Ozone Depleting Nacreous Clouds, 2* images of frozen bubbles in lakes and sea ice have flooded the news outlets, magazines, the post card market, and more. This is not an issue of beauty to be sent around and glorified. It is one of the precursors to known, proven past mass extinction events! Methane is the Greenhouse Gas that should be the main talking point at this time! The CO2 Psy-op is a planned taxation Hoax that is now being perpetrated!

Methane is roughly 30 times more potent than the Hoax Greenhouse gas CO2 being propagated by Globalist Interests. The continued passage of Manmade Synthetic Plasmic Waveforms, penetrating earth to depths that have remained frozen thus keeping Methane trapped, is a major concern. These are a few quick open source images. These first images are from Russian Sea Ice. The last is credit National Geographic. The Society is No Friend of Yours. Boycott The Society with its BioWeapon glossy paper printed Endocrine Disruptor, BPA -BPS inks! They are killing you slowly and you are made to pay your money efforts for it!

This is the search page return that links to the above National Geographic article. It notes Quote: Methane bubbles have been described as – ice grenades – that are waiting to explode. End quote… That, at least hints at their dynamic potential. A search of the currently known Mass Extinction events will reveal Methane as one of the causes. There is much misleading information and outright disinformation, changing Methane Gas Release, a reality, to the uninformed disinformation propagation of the CO2 culprit to fit the current Green Propaganda Agenda. Beware…! 

Here is another search return on the Global potential of an extinction Event caused by this constant Methane Release being done by design…!  This can be found on Dane perpetrated site – GeoEngineeringWatch – dot – com. While we have not come to complete agreement on every aspect of Technocracy and its Death Cult Agenda, on most points we agree fully. The need to expose all aspects of this reality and its part in the Global Warming Agenda is paramount. What there is to Expose, should be…!

This is a Manmade lake in Alberta, Canada. Investigative researchers and Propagandists alike flock to photograph this as it now exists.

This may need further changes; the research and editing continue…

1*   http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/haarp/esp_HAARP_17.htm   

2*  https://otterwalks.wordpress.com/2014/06/14/polar-stratospheric-clouds-ozone-depletion-the-technocratic-agenda-viewed/

Here are links to past events and commentary…  




There are a number of links at the bottom of this report.


If more HAARP/IRI – Ionospheric Heater news appears – or when it rears its ugly head, it will be presented.

For your continued research…

otterwalks:  19th September 2016 

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