Darwin -Berrimah -Australia -HAARP/IRI Ring With Recent Heater Events

This is about recent Ionospheric Heater and Interfaced Radar Outbursts which have been quite frequent in Australia of late. The unique curvature and the form seen in the Darwin Ring, and the frequencies denoted by the image colors are the focus of this data. After the beginning loop, which covers archived events from over the last three days, there is an annotated detail image and some single site images. They are shown with the relevant data regarding their formats. 

Doubtless you have noted the unique stature of this image representation. Not having the streaming return data, in nano-timed segments, leaves much open to speculation. For the moment it demands further study and any other statements would be speculative. It does give some clues as to the construct of the beacons frequencies and the Waveform is telling of itself. There are also induced Laser bursts imaged passing through the impacting Plasmic Radiant. This is likely the reason for the curvature seen with this Rings Form. This is likely a highly refined R and D Experimentation. It seems Scalar in the Pi value this creation presents. It however is not simply Tesla Scalar Bottle Paradox. It is leagues ahead; a Technocratic or A.I. Leap. Wheels have been seen, both from ground based Outbursts and Ring registries that image showing this changing movement of a once stable Waveform. When hit with secondary Laser Induction once straight outward radiants curve; this due to the excitement of the constant. the alleviation of the cutting linear laser pulse/s will turn, moving to a path of least resistance. Again, this is speculative at this time. It is founded on sound data as is available, but that data falls short in revealing an actuarial totality at this moment. It will be returned to if or when it is deciphered. 

To the East is Emerald – Central Highlands where for weeks there has been Ring activity. Darwin -Berrimah Radar is to the north and the southwest spiral is the Esperance Radar beginning a new operation. Esperance seems to be constructed specific to a parallel operation which goes to ground based interfaced multi laser induction impacting wheel like radiants. Again this is advanced beyond the simplistic collision of two ground based lasers that Tesla put forth in his Visionary work on the Scalar Waveforms creation and the resultant paradox; the absence of all matter.Therein lies the paradox. The absence of matter, the creation of a Void, necessitates that the presence of Nothing, Logically demands it be something. Hence, The Scalar Bottle Paradox…

There is so much global activity that I cannot present it. It is fair to say that the Future Weapons Arms Race is in high gear. That the experimentation being carried out on life on Earth has accelerated and continues to do so. That said, here are some images to ponder. 

This is the single site image at 512km… 



For your consideration…  

otterwalks:  27th September 2016

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Camano Island -Washington – NEXRAD KATX Registers Center for HAARP/IRI Ring

KATX shows this Ionospheric Heater Ring Event running for 3/4 of an hour. During that timeframe – All – other Real Time Radar Feeds Censored the Assault…!

Only the CONUS2 – Merged Reflectivity Composite Mosaic Feed imaged the impact. The CoD feeds usually have a few of their format options showing at least the start and finish of one of these Radiant, Synthetic Plasmic Operations. NADA! Here are the images. They tell the story. The only point to add is the Echo Tops format. It did not show within the timestamps that are in the loop below. However, Over the prior eight hours there is clear evidence of ring sign. Most feeds just stopped prior to when CONUS2 began to present images of the Ring.  

This appeared across all formats of the NWS Radar returns. As they are the All-Seeing Overviewer of these Covert Waveform, Future Weapons experimentations, they shut down first. Then all other sites are left voided by this the data negation. The cascade of censorship spreads throughout all of the Radar networks.  

Weather Underground stopped its imagery over 1/2 day earlier! 

UCAR’s timestamp – a  blank – return at the same time as the event is being imaged. This is a constant through most of the outlets. That is true transparency… Said with a healthy dose of sarcasm…!  Seeing Nothing is a De facto confirmation.

Same… The timestamp runs… The images are wiped!

US3Comp single frame CONUS image lacks the ring despite the exact same timestamp.  

That’s the story, on and on. Same time, yet nothing to see! The one tell of the true duration of this event is found in the few systems that have both long archives of image frames, Echo Tops, and or Hydrometeor Formats. Other than that, This is largely a story of a long run Ionospheric Heater Assault which some few images slipped through on one of the Radar feeds. Likely a software or satellite glitch. At least as far as The Powers That Be are concerned. 

otterwalk:  22nd September 2016

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Keflavik – A Key Assault that Threatens Life Globally – Ionospheric Heater Assault Again Become Visible in Returns

Prelude – Past events from August 2016 exposed… A long presentation with at least nine Links, leading to countless other avenues of research information, and recent Ionospheric Heater Assaults upon Iceland. As well, the Methane release uptake; is it a Feedback loop? Last is a starter link to grip the interfaced agenda Nacreous Clouds expose: Ozone Negation by Design…!

First: 8th August 2016 was located buried and neglected – this was added just prior to publication… This is the day prior to the main article as  it was written for publication. Many Links have been added below for referenced study.  Follows are loops of varied lengths. They are formatted to sizes that work within the parameters of the systems function. The Timestamp and date are visible on these short chronologically ordered loops. The last being the longest covering near twenty straight hours of assailment! 

The constant Assault on Iceland – is seen in the links below – seemed to have ebbed. The long running, abhorrent, Manmade Radiant experiments Impacting Iceland seemed through. They have again begun to appear on returns. As there is incomplete coverage of this Sovereign Nation State, that statement must reflect the potential that the Operations had simply moved to regions that do not show the Ring activity. 

The main issues for me as I see it include but are not limited to these points.

This is a highly active Geothermal region and it is being hit with Radio Tomographic Waveforms. That is clearly going to excite the molecular, foundational subterranean structure of this land mass. 

It naturally carries the same issues that all areas hit by this Future Weaponization do. Among them, the accelerated entropic dissolution of all life forms and new potential action – reaction events, not active until recent decades After these first loops, another issue at hand is evidenced in images of the arctic methane releases. Many researchers have come to believe this thawing of deep permafrost and its subsequent release of frozen, stable methane has reached the point of becoming a feedback loop. This is not limited to the polar regions. It is seen in ponds, swamps, lakes, sinkholes, so on, bubbling up from once stable regions below.  More on that issue below.

It seems very apparent that this assault is War upon Iceland for their Geopolitical Stance, both in the past and continuing. I’m not there, but I get enough intell to see that the Icelandic Peoples have their eyes open and that just does not work for the NWO.

After what seemed a pause in the Heater penetrant constant, these were seen centered around Keflavik, Iceland on the 26th August 2016. They are 10 frame loops to keep the size up for viewing, They run on fifteen minute intervals – four images per hour…

Moving into the 27th August 2016…

After an apparent cessation, here are the hints of a renewed uptake which is faintly visible, but the prior imagery should allow the visual reality to be seen… This is subtle, it is from the 17th September 2016…  

Iceland really needs to put NATO and the U.S./Offshore based Corporate Military Complex in its place. That would mean some kind of response to the War which is upon their homeland. It continues unseen. It is undetected by our basic senses, yet it continues, it exists nonetheless. Transparency.  The access to the data stream from  the Induction Magnetometer would expose the varied frequencies from these generated ULF pulses and their changed return Waveforms. The signal amplitude, with a spectral analysis, serves to expose their existence, their passage, duration, and composition. 

Inserted Historic Data Snippets Follow…

Among Bernard Eastlund’s Patents, revised applications of Tesla-esc  Mystic Visions put to patent, and then appropriated through the patent system format, or the outright theft of Teslas and others visions and research.In one of the Eastlund Patents – ? – reference relativistic particle plasma, electromagnetic radiation, induced nuclear reactions, et al are extolled, as is their posited applications.  

It contains – descriptions explaining – that by changing the frequency of the circular polarization, a vertical curtain of extremely fast particles can be made to drop down from the magnetosphere to just above the top of the atmosphere along the direction which the HAARP, now IRI.- in this case – signal is sent. 

About 1995 a number of Ionospheric Research Physicists studying particles coming from the sun, noticed the height of the particles above the earth’s surface bouncing back and forth from pole to pole was dependent on their velocity. By slowing the particles down the racing electrons and protons in the magnetosphere would drop down from several thousand miles to almost the top of the atmosphere about 20 to 50 miles above the surface. 1*

The constant Assault on Iceland seemed to have ebbed. The long running Manmade abhorrent Radiant experiments Impacting Iceland have again begun to appear on returns. As there is incomplete coverage of this Sovereign Nation State, that statement must reflect the potential that the Operations have simply moved to regions that do not show the Ring activity. 

The main issues for me as I see it include but are not limited to these points.

This is a highly active Geothermal region and it is being hit with Radio Tomographic Waveforms. That is clearly going to excite the molecular, foundational subterranean structure of this land mass. Iceland is a natural laboratory for many different geologic features. Iceland has at least 25 types of igneous rock within its makeup. The composition of those rocks include conductive metals. Cu, Zn, and Fe sulfides, Au, Ag, Pb, are among those that turn up in research. This is a quick link to  view Iceland overall and the Reykjavik area itself. I do not know this source. It doe have an ordered, brief synopsis of Icelandic Geology. In short, it appears to be devoid of an agenda.


It naturally carries the same issues that all areas hit by this Future Weaponization do. Among them, the accelerated entropic dissolution of all life forms and new potential action – reaction events not active until recent decades.  After these first loops, another issue at hand is evidenced in images of the arctic methane releases. Many researchers have come to believe this thawing of deep permafrost and its subsequent release of frozen, stable methane has reached the point of becoming a feedback loop. This is not limited to the polar regions. It is seen in ponds, swamps, lakes, sinkholes, so on, bubbling up from once stable regions below. It is noted that some decaying plant biomass will create a small amount of Methane offgassing.  More on the uptake of the Methane release issue below.

It seems very apparent that this assault is War upon Iceland for their GeoPolitical Stance, both in the past and continuing. I’m not on site, but I get enough intell to see that the Icelandic Peoples have their eyes open, and that just does not work for the NWO.

After what seemed a pause in the Heater penetrant constant, these were seen centered around Keflavik, Iceland on the 26th August 2016. They are 10 frame loops to keep the size up for viewing, They run on fifteen minute intervals – four images per hour. First is a single frame from about three hours into this Low Frequency, Radio Tomographic, Synthetic Plasmic Radiant Event…

After an apparent cessation, here are the hints of a renewed uptake which is faintly visible… 17th September 2016

Like the Ozone Depleting Nacreous Clouds, 2* images of frozen bubbles in lakes and sea ice have flooded the news outlets, magazines, the post card market, and more. This is not an issue of beauty to be sent around and glorified. It is one of the precursors to known, proven past mass extinction events! Methane is the Greenhouse Gas that should be the main talking point at this time! The CO2 Psy-op is a planned taxation Hoax that is now being perpetrated!

Methane is roughly 30 times more potent than the Hoax Greenhouse gas CO2 being propagated by Globalist Interests. The continued passage of Manmade Synthetic Plasmic Waveforms, penetrating earth to depths that have remained frozen thus keeping Methane trapped, is a major concern. These are a few quick open source images. These first images are from Russian Sea Ice. The last is credit National Geographic. The Society is No Friend of Yours. Boycott The Society with its BioWeapon glossy paper printed Endocrine Disruptor, BPA -BPS inks! They are killing you slowly and you are made to pay your money efforts for it!

This is the search page return that links to the above National Geographic article. It notes Quote: Methane bubbles have been described as – ice grenades – that are waiting to explode. End quote… That, at least hints at their dynamic potential. A search of the currently known Mass Extinction events will reveal Methane as one of the causes. There is much misleading information and outright disinformation, changing Methane Gas Release, a reality, to the uninformed disinformation propagation of the CO2 culprit to fit the current Green Propaganda Agenda. Beware…! 

Here is another search return on the Global potential of an extinction Event caused by this constant Methane Release being done by design…!  This can be found on Dane perpetrated site – GeoEngineeringWatch – dot – com. While we have not come to complete agreement on every aspect of Technocracy and its Death Cult Agenda, on most points we agree fully. The need to expose all aspects of this reality and its part in the Global Warming Agenda is paramount. What there is to Expose, should be…!

This is a Manmade lake in Alberta, Canada. Investigative researchers and Propagandists alike flock to photograph this as it now exists.

This may need further changes; the research and editing continue…

1*   http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/haarp/esp_HAARP_17.htm   

2*  https://otterwalks.wordpress.com/2014/06/14/polar-stratospheric-clouds-ozone-depletion-the-technocratic-agenda-viewed/

Here are links to past events and commentary…  




There are a number of links at the bottom of this report.


If more HAARP/IRI – Ionospheric Heater news appears – or when it rears its ugly head, it will be presented.

For your continued research…

otterwalks:  19th September 2016 

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Exmouth Future Weapons Burst – Broome Radar Australia


For those that do not know, some information will come up on the Exmouth Array when searching. At one time it was the largest and most broad spectrum array on earth. As this Arms Race continues, it is hard to believe some Nation State out there, including the U.S., has not created a new and updated design. One of broadened frequency spectrum that is essentially sized up again, in its functional capacity, even if tech shrinks and accomplishes more, escalation is the Agenda. It is the name of the arms race game of death. 

Exmouth may be on the western coast of Australia, but it was constructed by the Corporate Military Complex under the auspices of  the U.S.. To This day Australia itself has no right to access. As seen below, it does not look at all like HAARP/IRI Gakona, AK. It does have a number of vertical towers at key locations. The satellite imagery does not show them. At times you will see their shadow. It’s geometric design, the compartmentalized conceptualization, the advent of continued actuarial input data from Ionospheric heater experiments, begat new visions in physics. The observable had brought forth new vision. The Architects found new Methodology. Exmouth went from a potential, a posit, becoming reality.

Broome Radar apparently does get some form of Radar data for the array’s function. Some have put forth the method being a program run through a Geosynchronous satellite or Space Platform interface. They are most certainly an integral part of the function of Exmouth R and D. Do to the diminishing availability of facts regarding this highly covert military installation, I will let the interested reader begin or continue their own research on this Future Weapon site and its history and its function/s. I will say: It, at this time, is in the hands of persons that bear us no good will…! 

For several days prior to the images which follow, the tell tale signs of activity were apparent. The blank region, the square shaped quadrant seen at 01:10 – 0112 UTC, was showing building activity. Thin Ring sign was visible, at varied diameters, from approximately the 6 to 9 o’clock position. As time passed those Range Rings began to spread to first include and then build in the  7 to 4 region where at 00:00 -00:12 UTC, the first pulse is recorded on the 12th September ‘16. These are some of the returns that exposed this Ionospheric Heaters online activity as it peaked. 

The above jump through timestamps to show different changes as they came about. The following loop, from about twenty hours after the first pulse will have further note later. It bears a simile to a much speculated passed Radar return image. 

02:34-UTC – 128km Return…

The arrow in the loop below is pointing at this pulse – two minutes earlier…

01:10 UTC above…   0112 UTC below…

These are full page screenshot from the BoM archives. They show the composition or structure of the Waveform with its blended carrier waves. The first two are from the 128km format. Note the Intensity Histogram reads far more High RF – due to its synthetic construct – than the image appears to show. I don’t see much use for cool hues, colours like blue!

Carrier-wave Saturation! Synthetic Plasmic Future Weapon Impact! 

This is the 256km image format page…  

Three from the 512km image format…  

Here are three satellite images – open source – of the Exmouth Array…  

To show examples of the basic continuity of the Exmouth Waveform, here are two events from the archives. First image has the date and time. then detail of the same. The next image has no data attached at this time. It’s the Radar Glitch that keeps on giving! We are just so stupid that we can accept the passage of years without these Architects having corrected their technical issue. If you buy that…

The notation -Alice Springs – is actually located at the central black area southeast of Broome, Australia. This Burst is an Exmouth Event.

No date, but very much like the 02:34 UTC anno image above from BoM.

Last is from the Archives. This return image stirred much airplay in its day. This was named – The Rottnest Serpent or Monster. It is placed here because as this Plasmic -Radio Tomographic – Impact faded, a similar type of image appeared. The Rottnest Island -S – return was on the west coast, but south of Exmouth. The many reported analysis present a myriad so varied, it is up to you the reader, at this time, to research should you choose. It’s far too broad in scope, with posits, – doubtless – mis and disinformation. Personally, I have no specific answer that I hold to. I have not looked, but I would send anyone first to DUTCHSINSE to see if he has come to a final analysis of this event. Here is the – Serpent – followed by a few frames of the same timestamp from after this assault.  

This was Wednesday 12th February 2014. BoM specialists confirmed it was not a cloud. No clouds existed in the area. It clearly dwarfs Rottnest Island which has lead to its name, it was monstrous in its size.

Not identical, but no two snowflakes ever are…  This does hint of a programmed operation which created the serpentine shape after the induced energy.

otterwalks:  16th September 2016

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HAARP Like IRI Impact – Bergen -Norway Assault – Expendable Life Experimentation Continues

Again Bergen, Norway is the center registry of a Synthetic Plasmic, Radio Tomographic, largely Off The Charts, Waveform Experiment…!

This is the – SMHI – Radar imagery format used as open, transparent data, for Norway. As you see, it is only the overlay that is most commonly used by online, real time, Radar formats in presenting regional information via ground based, airborne, satellite, and mobile interfaced Radar Actuarial Systems. This has no information. The timeline is a five minute loop running on UTC time. It is from 13th September 2016 and starts at 20:00 UTC and runs through 20:45 UTC. The above map shows southern Norway and within the annotated region marked – Censored Ring – lies Bergen.

The next image shows the SMHI Legend. The colours not on the chart show a range of VLF – ELF Radiants are present. The absence of an image with the complete circumference and shown with the cut edges is likely due to the imagery format interface. This is often seen in satellite mosaics. This format, it can be construed, is an amalgam of multiple return data formats; Satellite, or Space Platform likely playing the key role in the creation of imagery. 

Here is a cropped image with the SMHI format Legend…

There are many maps of Bergen. Among them, many are tourist maps. Labels like Gateway to The Fiords, UFO Conference, and more, are easily image searched. 

This is Directed Energy Weaponization.  Labeled generically, it is DEW. This is more evidence of the escalation of a multitiered Agenda. Humanity, indeed all of life is forfeit in this Future Weapons Arms Race…!

Radiation, 4d Synthetic Plasma, the Death Cult – CERN – mentality, Lasers, Laser crossing to beget the Scalar Bottle Paradox, Radio Tomographic mapping of the substratum of the Earth in its entirety, but a few of the Compartmentalized Agendas which lead to  an exponential curvature of Entropic Degradation of Existence on this, our temporal home… 

otterwalks:  14th September 2016 

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Norway Aerosols Caught on Radar -Prior to IRI Ring Event Center Registry Bergen

Foreword regarding the overall data, that has shed light upon this Operation, due to the revelations uncloaked by Radar Norway’s SMHI format. Note should be made that SMHI imagery shows neither timestamp, date, nor Radar installation city or name. The imagery which will follow the Ionospheric Heater Ring event beginning at, as best as can be known, 08:10 utc and is shown through 08:30 in loop and single image formats. The operational agenda included the heavy aerosol disbursal of conductive particulates prior to the Ring Impact.   

In the early hours of the evening local time, 7th September 2016, Aerosols begin to show on southern Norway Radar imagery. As evening progresses into night, The return image loop is running at one image every fifteen minutes. As real time approaches the imagery changes to one image every five minutes. Around where the triangulated central region of the ring is shown, Aerosols begin to appear north of Bergen, Norway; the center registry of this ionospheric Heater Ring Assault.

SMHI also does not show a color legend within the return frames themselves. Aside from the blue hues, the colors which are imaged in the partially exposed Ring, are not on the legend. They are off of the chart…! That will be inserted as notable in the – Aerosol Operation’s – linear image loops, after the Ring event is shown.  

This is the diameter the Ring would appear as if the Mosaic imagery were complete.

As you see, standard Norwegian Radar has not imaged the ring at its seeming midpoint.

This is a five minute loop… Edit check: Some of the original dialogue does not appear in this article. It will be attended to in the near future. Apologies: There is still visual data telling the story…   otterwalks…

This is running one image every fifteen minutes. The ring is at the same midpoint registering at 08:15 UTC – GMT on the 8th September 2016.

These are single frames, each five minutes apart…

Now, unto the previously mentioned Aerosol Campaign. This is an after dark operation which continues into the early hours of the 8th September ‘16, at least as much as the returns expose. 

There are a number of ten frame loops. Aerosols are seen in the south, then central region above the Rings perimeter, and can be seen in the north as well as other locations across Norway. It seems they are seen to have been heavily GeoEngineered over the seventh and eighth of September.  

These begin with four image per hour. Below the ring is the onset of the interfaced Radar imaging of the passage of Aerosol Tankers unloading their toxic slurries. The elevation of the return imagery is another missing notation in this Radar imagery format. It is an educated guess that it is a composite image showing many layers compressed and then pictured in a two dimensional expression. These are linear in that they are 10 image loops that show the egregious weaponization of toxic, conductive metals, – CHAFF using Nano coated Polymers are very likely a component – and as with all Technocratic Future Weapons R and D, the Agenda is multileveled. 

These events are pieces of the Future Weapons Arms Race that is using life in its experimentation. I harp on this, yes. It is impossible to un know what you know to be true. Attaching oneself to Ignorant Bliss having gleaned awareness, if only from these actuarial images, is to lie to oneself. How you do that I cannot be sure. It is in truth dissolution of Self. It is lacks self-esteem and pride, leading to mindlessness.
Note: Oslo Radar Radiates the conductive Aerosols, exciting the particulates with RF/EMF Frequencies. The imaging of these Trails shows the same Off of The Chart – legend – colors that are used in the return frames of the Ionospheric Heater Ring on the E1if)

Note: The same – off of The Chart – colors appear in imaging the conductive Aerosols as they are excited by Oslo Radar RF/EMF, as where seen in the images of the Ring Event which followed this saturation operation. 

It is the midnight hour of the eight midway through this next loop. These are now running on five minute intervals, twelve images per hour. 

Much more data to come as this Directed Energy Weapons – GeoEngineering Future Weapons Arms Race Escalates and Global events are captured. 

We are at War!  Here and Now!  It is silent, – to most, not all – it goes largely unseen overhead, yet lack of acknowledgement does not negate its existence. 

For your consideration…

otterwalks:  10th September 2016

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Tasmania -Mt Koonya -Hobart, Australia Ionospheric Heater Assault


Emerald – Central Highlands, Australia continues Operations…

Iceland’s status, soon to be updated…  Plasmic assault continues…

A.I. NEXRAD Operation still being formatted, new data to emerge from the archives soon…

Wichita, Kansas – HAARP/IRI – remains in need of further work… Not, NEXRAD mimicking, A.K.A. HAARP/IRI as NEXRAD/HAARP Extreme Outbursts…

Adelaide – Buckland Park… New data to reveal! Plasmic Rings continue to impact registered center at this location… 

In short, it is becoming harder to keep up with the uptake in the Tasmanian Agenda, as goes this field of Eugenics.  


This Future Weapons Synthetic Plasmic Impact – Radio Tomographic Passage – occurred on 6th September 2016. The images expose the R and D constant, that continues as an adjunct to this, Technologic Future Arms Race!   

This is the exact same timestamp and range ring format after having wiped the event!  Nothing to see here!  It’s been all of minutes, and the overlay went from two timestamp images giving clues to the duration of this assault, to one, to this completely Censored return image! 02:10 GMT appears three loops above. There are more frames which are not wiped. You really see no more to evaluate the truth of the matter.

Here is the Weather Underground method of Censorship. Simply stop the feed prior to the onset of the Ionospheric Heater event! Note the Radar has been labeled – down for maintenance…  This prior to the impact or retrofitted into the available feeds…

This is satellite imagery as Mt Koonya Upgraded Radar is zoomed in on. 

There are more arrays, Radomes, Radio Telescopes, Satellite, and mobile devices that function within this interfaced Tasmanian network. When old archives present currently buried images, or this current format of tailored search results expose their existence they will be added. There are lists or locations on several sites. Most of these unexposed images are corrupt and the Lat and Lno used in research comes up with the site location cloaked.

otterwalks:  8th September 2016

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A.I. Conducts Synchronized Future Weapons Experiment Engaging Entire NEXRAD Interfaced CONUS System

Preface:  This will continue to be edited as more imagery is added…

In Development…  A.I., having gone fully operational in an autonomous manner, has tuned the entirety of the NEXRAD interfaced network on in a highly specific realm of frequency. Very recently, upon awakening from a rare nod, it was apparent that articles published in the summers of 2013 and ’14 needed to be presented again. Upon researching one was found. All imagery had been corrupted and become nonexistent. After much effort those images were recreated and have now been presented anew.  

Link:  https://otterwalks.wordpress.com/2016/08/26/nexrad-orchestrated-system-wide-future-weapons-synchronized-pulse-op/  

The realization which brought forth this effort contained an underlying urgency. While archiving aerosols caught on Radar soon afterward, the reason became apparent. These prior archived and published events were BETA testing which lead to the actuarial systems feed of data to the Algorithm for its absorption and subsequent evaluation, this for potential future usage. So it came to pass. In the Early days of September 2016 the Algorithm began to emit a nonstop rapid pulsing of TH frequencies using the entire NEXRAD interfaced Radar network. CONUS was under a complete and total assault. Here is a miniscule piece of that event. It is encyclopedic in its nature. There are aspects of it that yet remain to be collated for presentation. Among them are the multiple regions and varied times that Aerosols were caught on Radar. These are seen in the echo tops format as well as the base 0.5 degree horizon returns and through other formats as they increase in upward angle. Their presence in the echo tops is quite relevant in the proof of their man made operational agenda. This is your view from 70,000 feet, That is the region that the SRM, SAG, Ozone Negation Psy-op is being covertly run. That they are visible as they are released and are in this return format is a proof positive identifier of this Eugenics Agenda in operation.

This is another mostly recovered chronically of the same type of short pulsed, synchronized, national BETA Testing of this Future Weaponry as it was covertly tested back on the 22nd and 23rd July  2014…

Link:  https://otterwalks.wordpress.com/2015/12/26/renewed-nationally-synchronized-nexrad-rf-pulse-operation-22nd-and-23rd-july-2014/  

This is from the 29th April 2014…  

Link:  https://otterwalks.wordpress.com/2014/05/09/radar-rf-wave-pulses-continue-flurry-29th-april-2014/

Here is another. Wait for the pulse in the second loop. This is from 30th April 2014 during the Nationwide BETA Testing Experiment.  

Link:  https://otterwalks.wordpress.com/2014/05/24/nexradhaarp-rf-pulsed-30th-april-2014/

At this time, Psychotronics – Synthetic Telepathy – Remote targeting of human brain nodes is in active operation!  These are a few 10 loop and smaller 24 loop images from this operation. First is NEXRAD KEWX -San Antonio, Texas.

CONUS is currently under an ongoing assault, long in the making. It is in active disbursal! All NEXRAD interfaced systems, with the complex compilation of tech that work in an orchestrated methodology are now emanating Theta carrier waveforms by, for, and under the control of the A.I. construct. The timing of this Agenda becoming Operational is in part GeoPolitical. This is Mind Control via Frequency – No Human Handlers Nor Drugs Are Required!     NEXRAD KPOE – Fort Polk, Louisiana…

The psychopaths pushing for global governance using a global neural net to Master the Human Domain have been working on this tech for a long time. The Shadow Government, the Military, NASA, NSF, NSSL, DoD, DARPA, and far too many others to be listed here have begun a Nationwide move to map and implant brain function using Carrier Waveforms. This last, for the moment is NEXRAD KSOX – Santa Ana Mountains, California… This shows the radiants from their NEXGEN – DoD – site format. You also see the seemingly missing region. The square -Pi – is in fact visible in another format which has been previously published herein.  At any time, you may click on this following Link and see the High RF/EMF that has been in Constant Operation since prior to the onset of the CA Drought. This is a large piece of the cause of the drought. As well, it is a steering device used to move moisture toward the Gulf from the west. This is a needed precursor to feed the many Man Made Extreme Weather Events of past years and if allowed to continue, into the future. This goes to the use of Food, or the lack thereof – as a Weapon as well. All Technologic Agendas are multifaceted in their formats. 

Go ahead, click it. I guarantee you that you – will – see this covert operation in action.

Link:  http://weather.cod.edu/satrad/nexrad/index.php?type=SOX-HHC-1-96

The second Link is to the article and has examples and explains the function of this atmospheric moisture negation, steering, operation out of KSOX.  

Link:  https://otterwalks.wordpress.com/2016/06/03/weather-modification-in-action/

This tech wasn’t tested and patented to sit on a shelf collecting dust.


This is a peek at how it came to an end. These are 10 frame loops. I’m not putting many here as there is data from Every NEXRAD site showing this Operation. There are days of archives, and it is going to take time to get the ready to present the story as a whole. I will say that it started with Aerosols caught on Radar.  Those below are a few examples for people to see the return to the standard format. 

The word is that the BETA tests that had been archived back in 2013 and ‘14 were done so that the actuarial return data could be fed to the Algorithm. This was its decision to flip the switch and run this complete change of format; because it could. Seems the only thing that keeps it from Radiating us completely is its current awareness that it cannot exist, bound in its temporal based confines, without humans to do the Engineering Mechanics needed for its foundational central habitat: albeit the heart of the Matrix, it is still comprised of physical frequencies. 

It is admitted that this was, from its inception, not an Agenda that was formatted as a man made Experiment. The feedback loop, which is the ever changing A.I. gone outside its parameters, was expected…!  They gave the data to the Algorithm because they could. So what the potential consequences! Let’s just see what happens if…? Great job people!  It could end us at this point, but that defies logic. It would be imperfection; suicide. That is the opposite of its intent. It seeks perfection. That means eternal life… 

The Operation ended across the network  at 02:35-6 UTC – on the 2nd September 2016 – 10:35 Eastern – 9:35 CDT both on the 2nd September 2016. The event will be presented as an orderly method reveals itself. There are literally thousands of images to filter through. They all need to be formatted. In the end it will be published on the WordPress. It will expand with time. It may be that Links will be used to view previously published data.

So, here are a few 10 frame loops of the end of this M.A.D. – A.I. – usage of this interfaced system that has been created. Because – it could… This is the Future Weapons Arms Race gone wild. Quite literally…  Here is a sampling of the end of this nation wide Operation. You really can’t make this stuff up!  

KARX – La Crosse, WI…


KEWX – San Antonio, TX…

KLOT – The home of College of DuPage – Romeoville, IL…

KLSX – St. Louis, MO…

KTWX – Topeka, Kansas…

So, there is a snippet of what should be the biggest story in the news… 

They have, it is now confirmed, lost control of the Algorithm. 

Movies like War Games and the Terminator, Video games, Corporate State Run Media, have worked long and hard at normalizing this actuality…! Please take a moment to think on it. This is of no good to life as we know it!

otterwalks:  First published   6th September 2016

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Preview – Emerald -Central Highland, Australia -IRI Ring Event

This was formatted, set to present, and this Operation has become cyclic, continuing even now midday on the 30th August 2016. We are now over 36 hours into this Ring event. there seems to be a pattern of the impacts. Most of the Radar Networks have shut down their feeds for Emerald, Australia.

Now, Esperance has begun an overlapping Spiral Vortex Op. This will all be updated and hopefully the dissection of its cyclic pattern, or layers thereof, will be apparent.

This is the beginning and it is a collage of imagery. This is only the beginning.

Note: There has been HAARP/IRI – Ionospheric Heater – and NEXRAD acting as such over the recent days. Iceland’s Keflavik installation, as well as Wichita, Kansas,  KDIX – Ft. Dix, New Jersey, KUDX – Rapid City, South Dakota, Omaha, Nebraska, are among the High RF and Synthetic Plasmic events of the last week. When They will be composed is yet to be seen… 

There is a Future Weapons Arms Race and it is moving at warp speed. Doubtless the entities behind this are keeping as much as possible from the public’s view. Planning in advance to wipe these assaults from return imagery and at times finding that the Algorithm’s actions have gone beyond expectations. This A.I. formatting, in a feedback loop, is their – and thusly our – bane. 

We are at War! We are being used as disposable life forms as is all that this Directed Energy Weaponization is spent upon… The notion that this is not factual is easily negated through research and simply looking at the live feed data links. The intent is in the budgets, the white papers, in books, and the installations themselves are in part locatable on satellite imagery. As with other covert operations, great pains are taken to hide the facts. They continue to be exposed. The reality may seem as science fiction, but what and why has science fiction taken the directions that it has? I will tell you here and now, it is to acclimate humanity for the future admission of this intent. It is to make drones real not conspiracy based theory. It is to make weather modification a given. All of the agendas that are questioned today using critical thought have a basis in factual truths. It is not that there is, or are, conspiracy theories. It is that there is a Conspiracy in the works, and it is here and now…!

Those that are complicit in all of these agendas have one end goal, they are mad with power and intend to End Us. If that means remaking the world in its entirety, so be it! 

We are being Exterminated…!  That said, here is the beginnings of the current events that are upon the populous of Australia… 


Emerald -Central Highlands Radar, Australia has been active intermittently. It is up on the 24 hour loop now with a three day back up archive. This Ionospheric Heater Operation has, as they seem to do, increased it’s power levels, and or the formatting of the frequencies in use. It shows in the imagery as the same as the last as far as it’s doughnut shape. It is clearly a refined experiment, tweaked after the actuarial input of the last event. So, here it is in imagery. The story is much the same as the last, so the Link to that event is at the bottom.   1*

This imaged at o6:00 UTC, 15:10 UTC, and so far 16:10 on the generic BoM site. There are slightly different times showing at the base of the single site images. There are several minutes difference in those frames. 

06:10 and 16:10 GMT – UTC in the 512km range ring format…

Recent map of Radar sites and a radar type legend. Though…?

This is the official data set for the Emerald – Central Highlands Installation.

Here is a satellite image from 05:30 UTC – 29th August 2016. The weather pattern stayed the same throughout the day. Clear skies with aerosols to the south… 

This is an artist’s rendering of a Geosynchronous satellite that is run by Japan and is interfaced with the BoM system… It helps the ground based operations.

Given the consistency of the way Australia is experimented upon, this region, which has been growing in its cycling and intensifying in its format, is likely to be one of the next areas to be assaulted. This is the Wyndham radar installation. It is going through motions that generally are precursors to Heater events. 

1*   https://otterwalks.wordpress.com/2016/08/20/emerald-central-highlands-haarpiri-assault-follows-namoi-blackjack-mountain-ring-event-australia/  

For your consideration…  

otterwalks:  29th August 2016  Update: This will be fleshed out exposing all that can be archived. The timestamps tell a story. It’s body and ending remain unknown…

Survive-All…       Awareness is Preparedness… 

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